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Coast2CoastPC / Fraud and cheating

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I wanted to lease to own a laptop. I looked up on the internet a number of places which i could go through. I found coast2coastpc. I spoke with a rep that told me I could leas for 30.00per week with ad own payment of 99.00 though my checking account that week. I agreed and asked questions such as delivery, cancellation and basic ordering questions. I thought about the order and decided that u would just save money to get a laptop as the interest charge was very high after calculating all costs. I Called the customer service line given about 2 hours later and spoke to very rude customer service rep. I let her know I wanted to cancel. She asked what my name was and said it would be taken care and I would not have the 99.00 taken out of my account that week. I reiterated what she said and asked for a confirmation number. she then let know that I did not need one and that I was taken out of the system very rudely. Friday comes along and sure enough they has debited my checking account. I called that very same day and let them know what happened. They said to call back on Monday. I called back on Monday to only get another rude customer service rep let me know that I was canceled AND WOULD NOT RECEIVE ANYMORE DEBITS... NO APOLOGY OR ANYTHING FOR THE MISTAKE. I asked when I should expect to see a refund. She did not know she just said " the request has been given, I don't know when you will receive it." I asked to give me a period of time when I could expect it... "I don't know, I am unable to give you anymore info". Frustrated I asked to speak with someone else... she transferred me to voicemail. I then spoke to someone else the next day who told that the refund will be issued on Tues Sept 30, 2008. I called today October 1 to confirm it had indeed been processed... again another rude rep that stated that she no information other than it has been submitted... And gave me the run around. I hope that I do see the refund however the lack of knowledge with this company is ridiculous... DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!

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  • Am
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    I would like to thank Dedra for all her help. I had read some very negative reports about this company not true at all, but Dedra assured me that this company gave what they promised. And you did! Dedra was very helpfull and stayed to her word after I sent all my paperwork my laptop was sent out just as she had promised. I love it. IT'S BETTER THAN WHAT I ASKED FOR!
    I would definetly recommend this company to all my friends!

  • Am
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    DAITCHIE A ****.


  • Am
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Your Welcome Thomas it's great doing buisness with such a nice company such as yours.
    Thanks for taking care of my start date looking forward to my new computer.

  • Am
      19th of Feb, 2009
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  • Kr
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    I am in agreement with Husein on:
    My experience with Coast2Coast started with an internet search of companies that would either offer leasing, or purchase over time for a laptop. My initial call was in June 2009. I spoke with a fantastic sales agent, and was told to pay the 99.00 down, and then to be sure to watch out for the contract that I would need to sign to be sent out shortly. That should have been the first red flag for me. Never send anyone money without first reading the contract. They took out my payment on July 3, 2009. However, I still had not received the contract. I kept in contact with the company, but never got the contract until the end of July. In between time I was calling to find out what was taking them so long to send out the paper work. I also learned that my computer was being 'built', and it would take over six weeks to get! I was never told it would take so long to get. The whole thing started sounding fishy. I would learn something new every time I called, never really getting the entire story. However, by then I decided to cancel. I spoke to a very rude customer service representative about the cancellation process at least twice before I got the "partial answer " from another rep on what I would need to do to start the process to get my money back. I finally spoke to someone who filled out the online form for me because I was at work without access to a computer, and she told me I would have to fax a bank statement to "prove" that the funds were taken from my account. This all happened on 7/24/09. I got a confirmation email from them on 7/27/09 that they had received my request, and that it would take 4 weeks for me to get my refund. Wow! It only took them seconds to take the money out of my account. Okay. So after two weeks I call them back to check the progress of my refund. The lady tells me that the refund department was 'having some problem' with the fax that I had sent about my bank statement. Okay, so I am thinking what problem could they be having with that? She stated that next to the entry of where they debited my account it had the words "remove funds", thinking that that meant the bank had somehow returned my money on their own merit. I explained to this rep that that meant her company had debited my account, and if they had questions about it they could have contacted me. I also stated that this discrepancy in no way pushed back their processing time of getting my refund. You have to wonder why a person would have to prove that money was taken out of their own account in this case, since the company would already have your bank information, and your personal data. During the week of 8/16/09, I called the Coast2Coast PC to check again on the progress of my refund. I was finally told the refund had been submitted to my bank on Wednesday of that week, and I would get the money on Thursday. This didn't happen, so I called again. By now one of the reps recognizes my name. She stated they submitted the money, now I would just have to wait for my bank. Guess what? I called my bank at about 5:30 pm on 8/21/09. I had a recent deposit of $52.00. I am thinking what is that for? I gave Coast2Coast PC $99.00. I called the company soon after that and was told that the other part of my money was used for 'restocking fees' and other 'fees', and to call back on Monday to have somebody read me a statement from some company rule book, about how I am supposed to be penalized because I decided to cancel. I am so upset with this company. Never once was I told anything about 'restocking' or any type of other fees. You would think that this would have been stated by somebody during the different calls that I made to the company over a period of time. I never signed a contract with them, but yet I am being charged a restocking fee for a computer that has to be built. I just wanted them to return my initial fee.

  • Am
      27th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    your a b***** i got my pc from them and they gave me everything they told me, they have more specs then any other company around. not to say they are also half the price. give them a break, if you had 1000s of customers, you would try your best to make every customer happy, but sometimes some people slip thru. they helped me to get my computer and would send my friends there and have!!! dont b***** about $47.

  • Je
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    Amber must work for coast2coast.

  • El
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    i have a littler problem with coast2coastpc i ordered a laptop in august they told me i needed i downpayment of 99 dollers they gave me the specs and i signed up to get the laptop. they had trouble deducting the 99 dollars but the have gotten 3 other payments of 50 dollers that totaled 150 they sent me an activation form i filled it out and sent it back i called them a week later the end of september and they said they needed proof of income and i had to have it sent out by october 19 and it was okay that they did not deduct the 99 dollers and they would ship it out by october 19 i called them again just before october 19 and now they are telling me that they only recieved 4 payments of 50 dollers which was wrong and said it would be shipped out after my next payment which is due around now october 28 it seems like they have inexperianced people working for them.

  • El
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    hello this is me edawrd again to recap what is going on. i called coast2coastpc on friday october 29th early in the morning. they told me they were going to ship my laptop out on the 2nd of november. they originally told me that they had to wait for some payment of 50 dollars they have not deducted it from my account yet. when i started with them they told me that they needed a 99 dollar down payment they said they could not deduct that payment for some reason. but they did mangae to get 3 other payments of 50 dollars. that sounds a little odd. they did send me an activation form and i sent it back and they recieved it but they were not to imformative they told me they needed proof of income which they did not tell me before i had to send them proof of my social security which i collect. i think the company makes a lot of mistakes and they are not imformative.

  • El
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    Coast2CoastPC - tardyness non imformative possibly fraud
    737 w jackman st apt 205
    United States
    Phone: 6614668451

    hello my name is edward i have a little bit of a problem with a company called coast2coastpc. i am trying to figure out if they are fraudulant or tardy. i ordered a laptop from them in august. i found them on the internet and i contacted them they told me that i had to send them 99 dollars for a down payment and i asked for the specs they gave them to me. what is going on now. they have told me they could not deduct the 99 doller down payment but they have gotten three other payments of 50 dollers that seems kind of odd. they have gotten 3 payments of 50 dollers totalling 150. i should have payed them almost 300 dollers from them by now. what is going on now is that they are suppossed to ship out my laptop on november 2nd 2009 of this year. they originally delayed because they claim that i had to make another payment of 50 dollars which was not true i need a total of 240 down payment. they had told me before that that i was okay and they did not have to deduct the 99 dollars that it would be okay. they did send me an activation form i filled it out and sent it back to them they were not to imformative they said i had to fax to them my proof of income which is social security they did not tell me that before. i do not know if this is a sign of fraud or tardyness the company seems to make a lot of mistakes

  • El
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    hello this is me edward again for anothe recap which is going on to keep everything updated on coast2coastpc. around october 29 they were suppossed to take out another payment they did not take that payment out. i contacted them on friday november 6 i talked to them about why they have not submitted the payment. they acted like they did not know what was going on. somebody else called me that evening saying they would investigate it and try to resolve the issue. monday november 9 i had a friend contact them to to put a little pressure on them so they will not rip me off. they told me and my friend that the laptop will be shipped out on wednesday november 11 . i called the better business buereau and they said they have an f rating which is very bad. to prove that call the better business beareu in virginia 7575311300 and give them the name of the company and there phone number which is 8883038030 they are also fresh start finance to. if i do not get my laptop by next week i am going to send a complaint form to the better business beareau. they have 10 complaints against them already and they are not affiliated with the ness beareau

  • Pl
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    I had so much trouble with this company that I sent the following letter to the Better Business Bureau!:

    On 7/31/2009, I ordered a laptop for my wife. I spoke with Brad about the order. He spoke to my wife about the specifications of the laptop. She requested it be upgraded to 4 GB Ram & add a gaming card added. Once that order was put in Brad said the laptop would arrive in 2 weeks. On 8/19/2009 I had no laptop. I call on that date & they said if I returned the paperwork it would be sent out in 2 weeks. They never sent me paperwork. So they said they would get that right out to me. I get the paperwork. My wife & I fill it out & send it back right away. We learn through friends that the company called them for references. So we know the time they got the paperwork. We wait the 2 weeks. Still no laptop. I call them on 9/01/09 & they tell me it will be 4 weeks. I'm not happy but I accept this. 4 weeks later on 9/29/09 still no laptop. I call. NOW they tell me I have to make more payments & I won't get the laptop until I make $300.00 in payments! I had initially given then $100 on 8/5/09 & they took out $50.00 on 9/5/09, 9/21/09, 10/5/09, and I told them to take out the payment due on the 21st early so they could ship the laptop so they took out $50.00 on 10/6/09. I asked when the laptop would be shipped & she said Friday the 16th. On that same date the took another $50.00 out of my account which they were not told they could do. The paid it back but when I called about it on the 21st they said the laptop had gone out on the 16th & I'd have it in 3 days. As of yesterday Oct. 22nd I had not gotten the laptop so I called them again. Vera said I didn't make my payments, Kathy said I did & Brad said I did. They said it would be shipped out today. I called today to get a tracking number & now they tell me it won't be shipped out until MONDAY! I am feeling more & more like this is a SCAM!

    After all the above was said & done I decided to let the BBB handle the case & in the meantime I went to my bank & filed fraud charges against Coast 2 Coast/Fresh Start Finance. They can't get their money now, but after they were contacted by the BBB they sent the laptop. BUT it was not with the upgrade! I will now pay them in my own good time & terms not theirs! My wife was so distraught by the whole situation. She's not even that happy with the laptop now since it was the source of her stress & anxiety. And she called it when she said they wouldn't do the upgrade they promised. She was hesitant from the very beginning & searched for complaints against this company. She didn't find anything but after all the crap happened to us she has found more complaints & she hit the big time with this website! Now here's the reply from Coast 2 Coast PC that was sent to the BBB:

    "Dear BBB,

    Responding to the complaint of Mr. ****** ****. He is a valued customer of ours as all of our customers. His laptop was shipped to him via UPS Ground on Nov. 9, 2009. His arrival date was Nov. 16th, 2009.

    All of our new customers take at least 4 to 4 in a half weeks to receive their computers, considering their payment schedule, our new customers are on a layaway status. They have to make at least $249. in order for us to ship out their computer and they are told that upon completion of their application.

    We do apologize for any delay he felt he had experienced and hope he is enjoying his Laptop as we are writing this response

    Thank you,
    Customer Service Manager"

    Ok, first of all the order was placed in JULY 2009! Next, they said 2 weeks! Next they made me pay $299.00 not $249.00! And lastly they did NOT tell me that upon completion of my application! These people are LIARS & THIEVES! I do not know the last names, but the guy that took the order was BRAD. VERA is the rude ### and CATHY is the one you get after you have complained enough & she pretends to be understanding all the while jerking you around! THESE PEOPLE CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR MONEY OR THEIR WORD! I URGE EVERY ONE OF YOU THAT HAVE HAD PROBLEMS TO CONTACT THE BBB ON THESE PEOPLE!!

  • Na
      18th of Dec, 2009
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    Here's my story, I was looking online around Feb. 2009 and I found Coast2CoastPC so I just filled out the necessary forms just for information. A couple of days later I got a call from someone named Thomas who was the perfect salesman. I asked TONS of questions including if I change my mind would I get my money back to which he replied there would be no problem with that. Well after months of paying, I decided to cancel so I called and asked for a refund. The person I talked to said the person I needed to talk to was on vacation and I had to call back in a week. I said that was strange that there wasn't anyone to take this person's place while on vacation. I was told that's just the way it is. I called back about a month later and was told the person I needed to talk to was on vacation. I said "NO WAY!" Then I was told that the person left for the Thanksgiving holiday. I called back about two weeks later and was told I needed to fill out a cancellation form, which I did and then I needed to get bank statements from Feb.-May and fax them over. I went right down to my bank and did that and called as soon as I got home. I was then told that the person who does refunds only does it on Thursday and I should call back then which I did. I was told that IF I were to qualify for a refund, it would be in my account the next day (Friday which is today). This morning I checked my account and there was no money. I called again and was told that it takes 4-6 weeks. I think there's something fishy here. Everyone I've talked to has been EXTREMELY rude. Here's an example, when I called yesterday I asked to speak to the person in charge of refunds and she said, "How can I help you?" I then said, "Are you the person in charge of refunds?" Then she snipped at me and said, "I wouldn't have asked if I weren't". I'm trying to figure out what I can do to get my money because I really need it which is why I canceled in the first place.

  • Bg
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    Thus far, I really can't comment on the customer service one way or the other. However, I would like to say that I received a call this morning from one of the Sales Reps (Lee), and after the first 60 seconds of our communication, I made a decision to purchase. This gentleman was amicable, professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable in regards to the product. After nearly 30 years in systems, I was impressed with what was being offered, along with the price.

    It may be a bit more expensive than if you were to purchase one in the store or otherwise. Howevever, there are many benefits. I'm looking to reestablish my credit and this company has given me the opportunity in which to do so; I presently don't have the $1, 200.00, and have been given a payment plan and most companies require an active Checking and Savings account. In which case I prefer not to have a checking, and therefore my savings account was sufficient. This I also found to be a big plus, along with many others.

    Unfortunately, it may take a few additional weeks after the payment of my initial deposit to receive the product, but this is their assurance that the money is guaranteed. This is an agreement between two parties, and sometimes you have to be patient. As I stated earlier, I'm looking to rebuild my credit, and their giving me the opportunity to do so, and therefore I'm willing to be patient. I also know for a fact that if I were to charge the computer on a revolving account, the final cost would far exceed $1, 200.00.

    Also, make certain before the decision is made between you and the representative, that this is really what you're looking to do. Maybe this way, the delay in shipping wouldn't really matter.

    This is all I have to say. God Bless You, Brenda G. Johnson

  • Do
      20th of Jan, 2010
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    Coast2CoastPC - thank you
    United States

    I am so glad I found this complaint site I was about to comitt to Coast2coast with a 99 dollar down payment. I was hesitant about it so I tried looking them up on the BBB but I had no luck. After reading the complaints on your site I know I do not want to give my money or account number to them. Thank you donna

  • Ev
      5th of Feb, 2010
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    They are a rip off, I got a pc in feb of 09 and they was taking $30.00 a week out of my checking account and in oct they stopped, well I thought it was paid for and in jan 2010 my computer says my hardware is deactivated and to call customer service I did and they just now tell me that I still owe them ore money and they can't tell me why it took so long for them to contact me. I'd like to find some way to remove the software or what ever it is that did that to my computer. They're not worth buying anything from.

  • Ve
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    In response to my experience with Coast to Coast, or is it the National Motor C, I too had a very positive experience with a sales rep. I also thought it would be a great idea to purchase this way without forking out the movie or putting it on a credit card.

    I then changed my mind, they had already deducted $250.00 from my checking account for the purchase, ( this is what must be paid up front before receiving the computor). Which I was not told either, but anyways, had paid the required amount and I waited and waited, I did not get a call back. I then initiated a call to them regarding my computor, they some how lost track of my account somewhere along the line. I then decided to cancel my order. The ladie then said she would route my request to the infamous refund department. They have never contact me at no time or return calls for that matter. we are now close to the end of April 2010 and I have not received a call back nor have I received my refund.

    To make a long story short, I have been trying to get my refund of $250.00 since Novemeber 2009, I want my money back. How can they keep moneies that do not belong to them? I have spoken to so many people in this compay, first they wanted my routing number, then they said the systems are down, this has happened more times then I can count. I bet you, for a sale call, the systems are up and running all the time. Then they said the person that processes the refund is only there on Thursdays. I call on a Thursday the system is down, the person takes and information and never calls me back.

    To me these are unethical practices that do meet any type of business or moral standards. My next step with be to report the company to the BBB and also to my states attorneys office.

    The message has been very clear from another posting, do not change your mind because THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR hard earned money.

    Still waiting for my refund, Chicago,

  • We
      20th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    you need to start your PC without networking enabled. Disconnect your internet access. Then get a vaild copy of what ever OS was on the Pc and rebuild the PC... that is what I did after they kept taking money out of my account on the non scheduled days I had contracted with them for payment. They did this to me 6 times. I get paid 2 times a month and even though I walked them through the calendar year of acceptible dates to take the payment, they still kept taking the payment on off pay weeks, causing me over draft fees. I finally got with my bank and only authorized them to take payments on the dates we discussed and since that time, they have not been able to take a payment. Yesterday they locked the software. Needless to say, their software lock was a little inconvenient, but I got around it and am still using their laptop. If they would follow their own contract, they would have continued to get paid. I didn't even bother to call their customer service number, no one ever answers and they always seem to be closed anyway when I call... I paid over 600 already for the laptop and I know that's what it's worth anyway... the rest is all finance charges...

  • El
      4th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    i have another problem with coast2coastpc i was told when i ordered my laptop that it was 1340 i called in june saying i got a discount and came out to be 1110 dollers now i called back as of october 4 2010 and there saying i have to pay 1560 dollers i just looked up the laptops reguler price on acer and found out that it coasts only 512 if you buy it up front it seems like this company is a scam for afterwords. i got the acer aspire 5224 it regurely coasts 512 i now have to pay 1560

  • Ju
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    coast to coast cheats people i was suppost to have my account payed off in oct 15 2010 and they tryed to tell me i still owed 700 but i found my contract and it said last payment was oct 15/ 2010 and they was still takeing out money i put a stop payment when i found my contract and all future payments ripoffs

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