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Coast to coast auto glass sucks because. Their customer service calls you about 50 million times a day and the one that is named jasmine that works for their customer service line has the nastiest attitude. If you don't want your job give it to someone that needs one and would be glad to have it. One person tells you one thing and then another rep tells you something different. After I had confirmed one day and they were suppose to come in the morning. Jasmine the rep calls and I missed the call and she states in the voicemail that she is going reshedule for next week then after being told that that they would come in the morning then I was told that they would come anywhere in the afternoon. I would not suggest using them. They are slack and the customer service is really super-slack and I will NEVER EVER USED THEM AGAIN !

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  • Mo
      Mar 21, 2011
    Coast to Coast Auto Glass - Don't do business with them
    Coast to Coast Auto Glass
    United States


    Even if you -are- speaking to a "representative" of the company... your information and money is not secure.

    As you can see from testimonials/complaints - your repair may not be completed and if it is, it won't necessarily be correct.

    Even if you do not do business with this company, they will perpetually knock at your door, become extremely pushy and refuse to leave.

    If you are repeatedly approached or receive more than the occasional visit here's what to do:

    1. Report them to the corporate office. The person you want to speak with is Rhonda Jacobson (480)991-9889 x135, (email: [protected] tell her what's going on and that you are demanding that their sales people do not visit you again and that if they do you will contact law enforcement and/or the local news.

    2. If the problem persists, contact local law enforcement and/or news.

    These people need to be shut down.

    They are currently hiding behind the fact that their local offices are somewhat independent and autonomous but this does not take away their liability.

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  • Je
      Oct 09, 2011
    Coast to Coast Autoglass, L.L.C. - Scam
    Coast to Coast Autoglass, L.L.C.
    United States

    After scheduling the replacement of my front windshield (9 a.m. to noon), the company did not show up as they indicated in person, conformation phone call the night before, and 3 phone calls to their area representative. Their representative and also myself called for over two hours straight and no one ever answered their phones. I let numerous messages asking them to call my before noon on said date, but one one did until 1:30 and did not give an excuse why the "no show" or "no answering of phone for 2+ hours." Then at 1:45 a messy dressed guy shows up at my house, w/out any I.D. or company information upon his work van and tells me that he was there to replace my windshield. I asked for something besides a hand written paper showing me he was from Coast to Coast Autoglass, but he could not produce one single piece of supportive documentaion or a copy of the contract from the day before left by their sales representation. This is not the kind od company servicing my personal needs, and I hope you decide to choice someone else too!!

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