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Coast Gas / Billing errors!

1 885 Salinas RoadWatsonville, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 831-724-3200

I have been a loyal customer with Coast Gas for 21 years, always paying my billing on time. I have had a lot of problems with Coast Gas this year. There are (2) specific problems with this company.

1) Customer Service
2) Billing Dept.

I have written them twice regarding a billing error on there behalf and they still keep sending me a letters stating they did everything right. I have paid my gas invoice in full each month, and they state that I have an outstanding of $78.00. I was not aware of the billing error, until my tank was empty and I called them to have the driver fill the tank, they then informed me, I would have to pay a $225.00 Service Trip charge.

1st- I am the customer and 2nd they should have filled the tank before it was empty. I intend to take them to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs.

My advise to anyone- choosing the Gas Company to reconsider. I also found out the a ripping me off, they where charging me 3.00 a gallon and I called Dazzel's and they only charged me 2.77 a gallon. So, Choose Dazzel's for Santa Cruz County- They are the best!!!

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  • Fa
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    We order a minimum order from them because we rent month to month and we have a 500 gallon tank but don't know how long we will be here. They came out and filled the whole tank dispite the minimum order request, and said that it was our fault because they didn't think we specified when we did. We have lived here for four years and never ordered a full tank. Is it my responsibility to know how they keep their customer records, or that their employees aren't required to look up the history on the account? I called three times, no one called me back. Now we are stuck with a $1200 bill which we don't have the money to pay. I tried to work out a payment plan with them and they say they don't have a payment plan. What company refuses money? The billing department says I have 60 days to pay and then they will come lock the tank even if I have paid for part of it. They said that to pump out the excess, even though it was their error, they would charge $100/hour. There best they could do for us was to refer us to HEAP program to get federal assistance to pay our bill. We don't qualify! But do they care!!!

  • No
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I have used this company for more than 10 years. Their service was never great (billing problems that resulted in usurious late fees, rude employees, constant delivery problems), but it has really gone to pot in the last year or so. They dangerously overfilled my tank the other day, so that when I happened to walk outside a couple of hours after it was filled, it was blowing off fuel at full speed -- and presumably had been for those two hours. There was potentially explosive fuel billowing all over my tinder-dry, rural, forested property. I phoned Coast Gas (a company that boasts about its 24-hour service), and was met with sarcasm and backtalk from the receptionist, pigheadedness from her supervisor (example: "I'm sorry that your tank failed", he said pointedly about my customer-owned tank, more interested in denying that it was the fault of an incompetent Coast Gas employee than he was in addressing the problem). Long story made short: after half a dozen phone calls and far too many excuses from CG, a repair person finally showed up more than an hour after my emergency call. He cleaned off the ice that had formed on the pressure relief valve, and it resealed without a problem. The gauge read near empty by then, so I had to fight on the phone with the supervisor to get someone up here to refill the tank. When that guy showed up, he did several things to demonstrate that the tank was at just under 80%, not the 10% it had showed after the blow-off, and he provided a new gauge that showed that level.

    So if that gauge is correct, just how overfilled was my tank that it could blow off for more than three hours and still be full? I'm lucky the thing didn't rupture.

    What Coast Gas should have done:

    --Ask questions to determine which valve was leaking, and whether it was a blowoff or a tank failure.

    --Tell the customer what was happening, and that she can wash off the ice that was holding the valve open (which is all that the repair guy did).

    --Be honest about the unavailability of the repair person, and instruct the customer to phone 911 for her safety if she can't -- or doesn't want to -- remove the ice and get the valve to reseal. (The idiot supervisor at CG just kept saying, every time I phoned, the that repair guy would be here any minute. He let slip during one phone call that the repair guy was contacted at a specific location about 15 minute after my first phone call, and that location was 40 minutes away from my house!)

    What Cost Gas did:

    --Fought with the customer from the get-go.

    --Provided no useful information over the phone.

    --Showed no concern for the customer's safety.

    --Endangered the customer's safety, the safety of neighbors, and of the saftey of the entire community in this dry, dry fire season. All in the name of protecting CG's liability.

    Pretty idiotic, if you ask me.

    ***If a propane tank blow-off ever happens to any of you, just phone 911. Skip the jokers who provide your gas, and turn to the more intelligent people who are paid to care about your safety. Coast Gas could not give a rat's behind for the safety of its customers.***

  • Mf
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Coast Gas - Price of Gas
    Coast Gas
    Salinas Road
    United States

    These people don't know what they are doing. Every time we called to find out how much we were going to be charged the first time our propane tank was going to be filled we got a different price. The driver would say one price and each person we spoke to on the phone would say a different price too. Another ridiculous thing is that they only set up payment arrangements certain months of the year - not in the winter time when you need the help the most. I don't know why this is and it does not make any sense. People are definitely rude and have zero experience in customer service. They need some training in that area.

  • Su
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    Coast Gas - deceptive, irresponsible, rude, overpriced, opportunistic, completely inflexible service
    Coast Gas
    885 Salinas Road
    United States
    Phone: 831-724-3200

    If you are in a position to get propane anywhere BUT Coast Gas, do so. These people should not be in business.

    They do not return phone calls.

    Getting an account switched from one party to another takes several phone calls plus an initial inspection, which is too expensive and not really worth anything.

    The reason why I say the inspection isn't really worth anything is because they didn't even catch the leaks which later that month had allowed most of a tank of propane to leak out instead of being put to use. Wanna know where it went? It was turning my home into a gas chamber. I kept wondering why I felt so sick and had such horrible headaches.

    When I called for another inspection I had to argue with somebody for an eternity to get them to send out a technician which of course they wanted me to pay for. They kept insisting that there was nothing wrong. (TIP: If you must deal with these people the only way to get anything is to halfway yell, "SEND SOMEONE OUT NOW!!!")

    And don't bother asking for a payment plan. Their idea of spreading out payments, even when they've caused the problem that's lost you all this propane and money in the first place, is to tell you they can give you thirty days to come up with it. If you usually find you can throw enough of a fit to circumvent these problems, well, usually I can too. But they stopped answering the phone, stopped returning my calls, and sent me a letter with a totally bogus explanation of why they were completely in the right.


  • Db
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    I am having the same problems with Coast Gas. Service Manager is rude to me on the phone. No concern for my saftey or my neighbors for a leaking tank. Refuse to remove damaged tank that is leaking and said to use up all the propane because they can't turn it off because the handle broke. When they did come out they released gallons of probane in the tiny valley and will not provide compensation for lost value. Told me to use another company that would move their tank to put their's in because the tanks in a hard to get place.

  • Ks
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    Coast Gas - Extortion
    Coast Gas Watsonville
    United States
    Phone: 831 724 3200

    I took tenancy of a brand new, never-lived in property serviced by Coast Gas on 12/1/09, and was just sent the bill for the first tank fill ($399.72) for 12.5 gallons (seems ridiculously expensive) by the owner right before the holidays. I was out of town for two weeks, and was shocked to learn for the first time when I called today, back in town and ready to set up my own account, that I am being extorted by Coast Gas for an additional $50. They claim that because I did not call to set up the account in my own name within 30 days, they are charging me $50, and that it's "not their fault" I did not know this.

    The fact is that I was never informed that I would be charged this fee if I called in to create a new account 30 days after taking tenancy. I took tenancy on 12/1, and called in on 1/8 - which is 7 days "late". I have now spoken with two reps at Coast gas, Andrea being the latest, and have asked that this $50 be waived because I was not informed of this policy. I asked that they do this as a gesture of good faith, as I am an honest customer setting up a brand new account, and I am just trying to pay my first bill - but this starts the relationship off with a very, very poor taste in my mouth about how Coast Gas runs its business - not to mention its level of customer service.

    Thank you,

  • Ri
      21st of Aug, 2013
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    Coast Gas - Extremely Poor Customer Service
    Coast Gas/ Amerigas
    United States

    I was one of the original Coast Gas customers when they stared the business. Coast Gas was purchased by AmeriGas about 9 months ago. Since that time, I have had nothing but issues with service from the company. Over the past two and a half months, I have tried to contact Coast/Amerigas no less than 18 times, leaving messages asking for a return call every one of those calls. I have yet to receive a return call in response to one of my voice mail messages. If these folks worked for me, I would fire every one of them. There really is NO customer service at this company any longer. It's a shame because Coast actually had good customer service prior to their acquisition.

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