Coash USAI am complaining about a bus driver.

R Nov 20, 2017

I catch the bus every morning to work and I always manage to make it downtown to catch the 24x. This morning the bus driver driving the number 6511 bus did not stop at the bus stop he stopped all the way down the block which made me have to run to the bus from the bus stop, and he watched me run like literally looked me in my face and watched me run. This bus driver didn't even let me on the bus so I was forced to run all the way back to the bus stop where he didn't even want to let other passengers on. I always have these problems with this bus driver i'm not sure if it's my islamic religion or what all I know is he gives me a hard time every morning I have to catch his bus. Your bus drivers have attitudes early in the morning they be so mean and rude to the passengers which I don't think is right. Coach needs to teach their bus operators how to be polite and teach them to stop at the bus stop and let all the passengers on. His last stop before he goes straight to the mall he don't even tell the passengers that it's his last stop he don't even help then with questions they have about another bus they can get on. You guys really need to get it together.

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