CNET / Willingly participates in MALWARE AFFILIATE PROGRAM!

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The once highly respectable and "trusted" go-to site for reviews & DOWNLOADS has now stooped to the level of willingly participating in Affiliate Malware Distribution! (Like browser highjackers and rogue computer "optimizers" like PC Optimizer Pro.)

The malware hides in the CNET ( "installer" which allows you the option to "opt out" of the malware installation during the download process, BUT those opt out options are misleadingly made to look like you are DECLINING TO ACCEPT the CNET terms & conditions (or, in some cases, the terms of the developer of the program you're trying to download), rather than opting out of the installation of the malware itself. It's very confusing, on purpose!

More sinister (and hopefully illegal) is the fact that even if you think you opted out of the malware installation, you will likely STILL HAVE IT INSTALLED (see screenshots of install process when this actually happened here: ).

All this sneaky, yet monetarily advantageous, affiliation with companies willfully putting malware onto unsuspecting consumers' computers (who TRUST the site) can only lead people to question whether their "reviews" are actually trustworthy as well.

I mean, if CNET ( - owned by CBS) is willing to be paid by malware developers to sneak their unscrupulous and unwanted software onto unsuspecting consumers' computers, WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE THEY ARE NOT PAID BY PRODUCT COMPANIES TO PROVIDE GOOD REVIEWS?

Beware CNET,, and any application on their site!

P.S. The site claims you can use the "Direct Download" button to avoid this. I do NOT trust it, or them, or anything they say anymore. And that's unfortunate, as they used to be a trusted site!

Feb 21, 2014

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