CNA Jakaranda CentreNo customer service - no feedback on returned device

I bought a WD TB2 hard-drive 2 months ago from CNA Jakaranda centre. I had had it approximately a week and when I wanted to use it again, nothing happened. It didn't register on my laptop. On taking it back to CNA, I declared it faulty to the shop assistant. I still haven't received any confirmation that it was in fact handed in at the agents( Sahara?) and no-update whatsoever of the faulty device from either CNA or the manufacturing agents. I had requested a speedy response from the shop assistant at CNA, as I was soon to be on my way abroad where I am currently working. I had needed it badly to have brought along with me but had to make other arrangements!! I am highly upset as I have had NO REPONSE At ALL from no-one. And by now, I want the device( which I bought on my account) to be credited to my account. I am not interested to have a replacement or have it back any longer. My account: [protected]

Sep 11, 2016

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