CMC miningBlocked Nedbank Debit card by FICA

Im having a terrible month since my Nedbank debit card was blocked by FICA immediately after receiving my salary, I went to the nearest Nedbank branch and they asked me to submitt my latest proof of residence and ID copy, and they told me to come check after 48 hours, I went to check and they told me to check again in 72hours and they promised that I'll be unblocked but still Im still blocked I dont have access to my money. Monday 11/04/16 springs branch consultant told me that they cant help me. Where do I run to in situations like this. I have bills to pay and family to take care of, im graduating by the end of this week but I have got no cent for clothes and everything. Please help I need my money and I dont think I still want a Nedbank card anymore.

Apr 11, 2016

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