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Fi Dec 11, 2014 North Miami Beach, FL Review updated:

C. M. Puleo Consulting LLC, Mel Puleo, Carmelo Puleo is a pathological liar and commits fraud/ slander.
I am writing this complaint to warn people and future business (REP’s, ESCO’s and Brokers) not to do business with C. M. Puleo Consulting LLC, Mel Puleo, Carmelo Puleo. I did business with him and it was the biggest mistake of my career. He thought I owed him money in our business dealings for bad sales but in reality I didn’t owe him 1 red cent because of bad sales. He got upset, angry and posted a [redacted] full of lies and totally false claims about me and my company. He loves to slander people. He is just a pathological Liar, crazy and deluded. Why would anybody in their right mind expect or even think they should be paid for Bad sales that have dropped and weren’t approved by the customers utility? That doesn’t make sense to me. He is a Freeloader who wants to get paid for none thing. He also loves to resort to stalking, physical violence and death threats if he doesn’t get his way.See Top 10 Worst Companies in North Miami Beach, FLI am not worried about it because if you know C. M. Puleo Consulting LLC, Mel Puleo, Carmelo Puleo, He is all talk and no action. He loves to claim he makes 1000’s of sales for ESCO’s / REPS and that the ESCO’s / REPS and brokers all love him and his company. That’s totally untrue and false. I have a lot of people I can give you that will all say he is all talk no action, crazy, deluded and a pathological liar. My Advice is Not to do business with him and run as far away as you can from him. The only sales he can put up are bad dirty sales. His company has been involved in several lawsuits, PUC complaints for fraud and slamming customers, brokers and ESCO’s/REPS. Just google his name and his company.
Here is some links to make sure you stay away from him
This is his LinkedIn Profile :
This is his website :
This is his Youtube Channel :

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  • Lo
      Jan 07, 2015

    This is why he is hiding in Costa Rica. He would be arrested for fraud in the US.

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  • Lo
      Jan 07, 2015

    Mel Puleo is involved in several scams.
    The first one is some kind of a pyramid marketing scheme. It s really weird. Something about seeing aliens and making money.

    Then there is this one where he is trying to peddle some gold reserves. Mel Puleo would of course be more than willing to have you invest in this scheme and make money (rather than invest his own money)

    Here is a GroupOn knockoff that sank without a trace. This is a fake press release written by Mr. Puleo himself.

    And of course, a car that does not require gas. Mel Puleo invites you to send him some $12000 in cash to place an advance order though he does not have one in his inventory and has never driven one himself.

    But wait. Need cash fast and want a loan? No problem, Mel Puleo will provide you one as long as you give him your bank statement s and social security number .

    Just Google the name Mel Puleo and you can find these scams of his yourself and also see the complaints against him. If this does not make you cautious about dealing with this scam artist, I am not sure what will.

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