Clubhotel Riu Bambu / We did not get the room we paid for, and noise at night

My name is Roger Wenzel . We arrived at the Riu Bambu In Punta Cana on March 9 around 4:00 pm . The room they gave us was a basic room . We went back, and they gave us a different room . We were suppose to have a deluxe room, that we paid extra for, and did not receive it . We were suppose to be close to the pool and the restaurants . When we ask them, they didn't know what a deluxe room was, and this is all they had . The two sinks had the drain levers missing in them, I had to crawl under them to get the water to drain out of them every time we used them .They had a door made from a 3/4 inch ply wood covering the refrigerator . The two dresser drawers were also made of a piece of ply wood painted white . Nothing at all like the picture of the deluxe rooms were that we paid extra for . The other problem we had was all the noise at night . The 9th, 10th and the 11th were all good . On the 12th the spring breakers started to come in . We were woke up many time on the morning of the 13th . I talked to a person at the desk about all the noise, and they said to call security if it happens again . Sunday night the 13th, we watched the entertainment and went to bed around 11:45 . At 2:00 we were awaken with a lot of screaming and banging on the walls . I called down for security, and they were there with in 10 minuets . Just started to fall asleep, and it started up again . I called security 3 time that night . The last time was at 4:30 am . We had to be up at 6:00 am to be at the front desk for a excursion we were going on . We had very little sleep, and not much the night before . When we got back in it was 6:30 pm . I went to the desk to see what can be done with all the noise, and talked to Jose De Lacruz, and he said they have been receiving a lot of complaints about noise . They would try to handle it . On the 14th and the 15th same thing, a lot of noise after 1:00 each night, and not much sleep . This was our first vacation in 4 years and not at all what I paid for or was expecting . On all of your web sites it says you do not allow spring breaker in . Obviously you do . The grounds, staff and meals were great . The room and all the noise are not excitable . Please let me know how we can be compensated for all this . You can get back to me at [protected], or call me at [protected] . Thank you for your time ! Roger and Jayne Wenzel

Mar 18, 2016

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