Club TanUnauthorized charges


Club Tan of Oregon, more importantly Shab Daghigh, manager of the Tanasbourne location, unlawfully charged my credit card hundreds of dollars. Upon cancellation of an upgrade to my membership she assured me that I had been refunded. Several months later I was charged again and refunded by my credit card company after filing an affidavit. After 8 communication free months, I received an unexpected and shocking letter from a collections company stating that I owe 800 dollars. I immediately called Club Tan to speak to Shab and after explaining the situation she hung up on me. The bottom line is that she lies and steals from her customers. I assure you I'm not the only person in the Portland area to fall prey to Shab and the deception of Club Tan.

In addition to my current issues with Club Tan, my previous experiences were also less than pleasant. Upon simple observation, I have watched Shab disrespect her employees, talk inappropriately of her customers, both to their faces and behind their backs, and force her salon services on people that clearly do not want them. She single handedly sours the Club Tan name for me and many people I know.

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