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Club Lounge Internet Radio / Defamation & Cursing unpaid employee

1 Germany
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My client was submitting 1 hour internet radio shows to the owner of this site. It took her an average of 15 hours per show to produce. She was not paid and the owner was not paid to air it either. It was exchange. After 7 months of this routine, one day out of the blue, the owner, a male, wrote my client, a female, a nasty letter stating, "What the hell, it's time you do your own work." She had asked but 1 simple question, and he went off on her. She wrote him telling him she would not speak to him in that way, and she expects the same from him. He didn't respond. I then wrote a letter voicing my concern. He did not respond again. I wrote another short email stating that my client would not produce another show unless this was resolved. And she didn't. That's when the owner FINALLY got back to us stating "'He' didn't like the way we had handled the situation." Now as we know, "he" is the one, who rudely treated my client to begin with, not us. He also then stated he was canceling her radio show.

For the next 2 days in place of where my client's information had once been posted on his site, read in huge capital letters the word DUMMY.

This is a minor form of defamation, harassment, and cyber bullying. It was taken down, but the incident was totally uncalled for, immature, and the owner should have repercussions for his bad behavior.

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