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1 San Antonio, United States
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Send the owner $1100.00 via paypal for 4 clownfish. 2 adult females and for two extremepicasso male juvenile. Arrived 2 female OK but shipped 1 extreme Picasso male value at $180 instead he shipped me something else was not happy and bnever refunded me $180 The single clownfish is what I was suppose to get 2 of, instead I got one. Then the picture where you see 2 small clownfish is what he shipped not what I wanted. The owner did not give me a heads up before shipping to tell me that he did not have any more of the extreme clownfish, where he could have given me an opportunity to either back out of the deal. I had sent the money first and he took advantage.

Clownfish USA
Clownfish USA

Jan 2, 2015

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