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Cloverleaf Jewelry / Fake people

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My mother enjoys browsing new jewellery. She's done well for herself and her outward appearance shows her financial success. I've been with her a few times in "Cloverleaf Jewellery, " White River Junction, Vermont.

The store owner always graciously comes over and welcomes us (her) into the shop. "Good afternoon! How may I help you today?!" Her eyes light up at the thought of a big sale.

My mom purchases BIG stuff - the kind of jewellery that costs as much as a new car. She calls it an "investment."

Interestingly enough, when I shop there myself, I'm less than respected. The owner doesn't recognize me as "Mrs. so & so's" son. The most recent visit was a test after I shared a less than pleasant Cloverleaf experience with my mother.

I intentionally went dressed in everyday civilian clothes, and sure enough - I couldn't get the time of day. The woman approached me as if I were there to shoplift.

What she didn't realize is that her arrogant approach was captured on a hidden camera to prove to my parents what was happening there.

Mom's always felt respected as a person in their shop until she saw the way this woman spoke to me. Never again will she spend another cent in Cloverleaf Jewellery. She's shared the video with friends as well, who also no longer shop this store.

Discriminatory profiling happens everywhere. Ask a car dealer. Ask a jeweller. They know what they do everyday. If you look average, you get treated as such - if you look wealthy, you get the red carpet every time.

Wealthy people are hidden amongst everyday citizens. Sometimes a "common-man" isn't as he appears.

Shame on you, Clover Leaf Jewellers, WRJ, VT.

Mom wanted to see for herself, so she went the next week to have an expensive ring appraised. Of course the owner welcomes her back and appraises her diamond ring on the spot. She sent me by myself the following week, with the identical ring. What happened next?

You guessed it... with camera's rolling the woman explained she did not have time for that sort of thing, but if I paid her $100 I could come back in a week.

Fake people. They won't be fake-smiling at us anymore, that's all I know.

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  • Si
      27th of Oct, 2009
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    I am sorry to hear that you were treated that way by a business in my community. I work, live and shop here and can't believe what I am reading. This is not the way to conduct business. While I am not rich, I also like to invest in fine jewerly. My husband does not like the store, he says that some of it is over-priced junk. I however; have shopped the store, because I like to keep my business in my community. I am no longer going to shop at CloverLeaf. I find what they did disgusting and childish. No matter how I am dressed I should be treated with respect, for I am the customer and the clothes that I work in are the clothes that I should be able to shop in.

    Sick in Vermont

  • Tr
      10th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Personally, I love the store, and found the staff to be very pleasant every time, and I'm not a big spender or a fancy dresser. Just a friendly person. Besides, you can't "assume" that the owners eyes are lighting up at the thought of a big sale. Most good business owners give their regular customers a little extra attention. That's been common business practice for hundreds of years. Have you ever been a "regular" somewhere and noticed that the staff was always happy to see you when you came in? I think this is a very unfair judgement. Besides if you've ever shopped in the big cities, you'll be lucky to get someone to look at you let alone speak to you if you're not dressed well. It's a GREAT store with tons of neat items that you're not going to find locally.

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