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I bought a brand new Cloudfone Thrill 450q at All Phones Stall in SM City Annex. After 9 days of use the phone shutt down and wasn't been able to use for a day. I tried plugging in to its charger asumming that the battery was just drained. After leaving the charger on for a couple of hours, the unit still didn't turn on.
What I did next was to go to the Service Center in SM Novaliches, they asked me to leave the cell phone with the and the turn around time given was 2-3 days. I disagreed to that since I badly need the cell phone that time. What they advised me was to go to the main service center in Magallanes, Makati to get a battery because we did tried to put in a battery and I came up.
So I did eagerly went to Makati to get a new battery replacement.
I arrived there late in the afternoon, I told them that I need a battery replacement. And there were actually no battery replacement happened. They said that the battery was just fully drained which I need to avoid from happening because the battery will need to be "shocked" then.
I went home with my battery half way full.
Had it shut down on my way home to retain the battery. When I got home the unit was showing indicator that it is being charged but the percentage stayed on it 10%. So then, I decided to just go back to the service center and let my phone be with them so it will be totally fixed.
6 days later, I went back to the service center to have my phone back. We strolled for a while, so far so good. When I got home I tried to charge the battery and to my dismay, same thing, it stills show its charging but its really not.
I'm tired of this company, tired of going back and forth without having my issue fully rectified.
I want to know where I can file a case or request for a replacement of unit.
Do we have any law for this kind of issue or maybe even just a rule.
Please help!

Jul 03, 2014

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