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Closing The Gap Healthcare Group CTGHG / Horrible Service at Closing the Gap Healthcare Group, Mississauga

1 Suite 103, 2085 Hurontario StMississauga, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 905-306-0202

Closing the Gap Healthcare Group ( CTGHG)

I would personally not recommend any of Closing the Gap Healthcare Group's CTHGH services. They are money hungry and their services are lacking in every aspect. I can't find simple information on their services, and no one is ever around when I call and have questions. They run the place like a zoo. What kind of service is that? How as an organization that is so huge doesn't provide the very basic things?? They are so out of date in so many ways, ranging from their home care services, technology, you name it!

I have spent money on their so called Home Care services and see no results or benefits. Closing the Gap Healthcare Group is a sham, go to other home care service providers if possible. This company is publicly funded but they operate privately, so they make a decent chunk of change, and as a result they don't care about their current clients. Just take your money and go. There isn't a personal feel or care to their services, and as mentioned I would just like to warn all potential interested clients to look elsewhere for home health care services. Do not even bother with Closing the Gap Healthcare Group (CTGHG). I cannot even describe to you the issues and disappointments I have come across dealing with this organization.

Closing the Gap Healthcare Group wants to try to sell you anything and everything possible just to make a sale, even though you clearly don't need it, how do you even respect someone after that? It's common sense that if you're dealing with healthcare, you need customized and personalized home care service attention. They act like a car dealership. I'm currently in the midst of seeking out a new Home Care service for my family. Any suggestions? Anything to get away from Closing the Gap Healthcare Group in Mississauga, Ontario. I found a few other potential places online that look like they know what they are doing, but if anyone has any suggestions of any good home care services located in the Toronto area, I would be more than happy to hear your experience and recommendation.


From a very frustrated Closing the Gap Healthcare Group client.

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    Wow! You totally just read my mind. I have had some very bad experiences with Closing the Gao Health Care Group as well. They are very forceful and persistent with services you don't need. Coming from a trusted health care provider like Closing the Gap, you would expect a little more.

    When I go to my doctor, she tells me what I need and what I need to do specifically for my personal health. I agree with you completely about Closing the Gap Health Care Group, and am also in the middle of seeking out a new place. I'm doing some research, online, and by talking to some friends to see where is the best place to go. It's a time commitment issue as well, I mean I really didn't expect to be looking for a new place so soon after signing up. I suppose you have to watch out for disorganized companies that are money hungry! I too would like to warn potential clients of closing the gap health care group: DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY! Waste of time and money...and energy!

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      1st of Dec, 2014
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    I agree with this . my wife called them last week to arrange an appointment in Stroud and we still have not heard back despite the voice mail indicating they return call within 244 Hours.

    A frustrated Innisfil resident

  • Am
      24th of Apr, 2018
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    On thier website it's noted that they provide hands on regimented care geared twords your individual needs. I have Cerebral Palsy have spent years in physio therapy. I recently quit my job and went on ODSP. Closing the Gap is the only option I have funded by ODSP, the care is terrible. I require a nerological physiotherapist which I was advised they have. I recieved my first appointment from her, and the next two from her receptioniat/assistant who was unable to answer questions or provide care. All they had done for me in 4 appointments was teach me 20 stretches I could do at home. Not once providing hands on care. I was advised by my theripist on my initail appointment I'd only recieve 6 appointments, that's all they cover. But later was advised the number of appointments were designated by the theripist not the government's (CP is a permenant disability) on my last appointment I demanded to speak with the actual theripist not the assistant because I felt the care I was receiving was below standard and voiced my concern that hands on therapy was what I wanted. She literally told me hands on therapy was useless for my condition; I left and haven't returned for my following appointments. When voicing my opinion to family. I learned my brother who has/had a hernied disc was receiving the same "therapy" as me . same exact exercise same end result he left and advised them thier care wasn't working and he was tired of wasting his time. I actully called three weeks ago to head office to complain and advise them i really need a good nerological physiotherapist . One that wont treat me like a number. I wanted to not only compain but have my services trasfered from innisfil location to barrie, in hopes I'd get a better theripist. She advised me she'd have district supervisor call me to schedule new treatment. Still waiting on that call ...

  • Ch
      16th of May, 2018
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    I agree with all comments. I worked for this company briefly and found it to be unfriendly and lacking basic skills.
    It seems that it is a test for us all, in that the government is seeing how low health care can go, and Closing the Gap is the test.It is receiving tax payers funding? Thats a shame.
    I suppose an MP should get sick and call up Closing the Gap.

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