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Hello ALL,

I order something from this company but it took them a couple of days to respond so I called them and they were so rude and said they didn't have the product. I asked them why they advertised as if they do and then they told me we don't have it and don't call us again.

I called back to speak to customer service and guess who I get the same guy who I spoke to who was ungodly terrible. He was so rude, I wish I could have put my hands through the phone and slapped the living day lights from him. I began telling him my situation thinking it was someone else but he again didn't listen and hung up the phone again and say don't bother by calling back.



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N  13th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Close Out Genius - Stay away!
Close Out Genius
United States

This is a new company name probably the same group as 86th Street Photo and others. They just keep adding new company names. They are also known as Big Camera Deals. They have a new twist, with a Las Vegas address, but their phone number is a New York area code. Look out, will try and sell you high priced options and when you refuse they cancel your order. STAY AWAY!!
A  22nd of Jan, 2009 by 
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same thing happend to me ordered on line they called back needed to get right mailing address i ordered garmin 760 wanted to sell me a sd memory card said order will be recived at the end of the week friday called thursday because no email or order comformation on site, buy the way i did cancle the memory card that day monday. talked to same girl and asked wheres my order nothing on site she said 2 to 3 weeks back order iasked why didnt you e mail me or call me she said i dont know why then transferred me to steve the guy who tried to sell me the memory card he was harrassing me i told him the girl told me it would arrive thursday or friday he said its back ordered 3 weeks .well how come your site says in stock its the programers falt, so whats his # that wont do any good he says well no e mail or phone call to tell me he said my email was wrong, i checked it on the site it was right, so i told him how are you going to stay in business with no sales, so you want to cancle the order, yes i do waisted a week for my order and time they are rip offs wont sell anything unless you order the extras dont even deal with them
A  8th of Feb, 2009 by 
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What a horrible experience! I should have known the deal was too good to be true. They called several days after I placed the for a Nikon cam. They said they have to confirm the order for security purposes. Ok, thats fine but what followed WAS NOT! The guy proceeded to tell me that the battery that came with the cam only lasts 20 minutes (I know this is not true bcause I already own the same cam) Then he said he could upgrade me to a 5 hour battery for $149.00. Most likely the battery that already comes with the cam. What a ripoff! I tried to be polite and tell him I would consider it in the future but just wanted the cam for now. He then said this great deal (which it is not!) was only available at the time the cam is purchased. Then he said "now wheres my thanks"...well, that pissed me off and I told him if this is the way they do business then I want my order cancelled. He said it's cancelled and you will recieve a confirmation email. They didnt want to make the sale! Without the ripoff profits of the add ons its not worth it to them. I also reported my credit card as stolen just incase. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL!!!
N  9th of Feb, 2009 by 
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thank you for posting your comments and warning other people.. i was planning to buy but i read reviews first and came across this forum. what i did was i called closeout genius and actually asked them about the problem (won't sell if not buying the extras).. what's funny is the guy i spoke to confirmed that they will offer an extra battery.. i saw another complaint.. same problem. pls refer to: /URL removed/

Don't buy! It's too good to be true!
A  12th of Feb, 2009 by 
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The same thing just happened to me. I ordered a GPS - great price (about $70 less than others on the web). Before placing the order, I called to make sure all accessories came with the unit and it was not a referb. unit. I should have known from that call. The were short and rude. They did not say thank you or good-bye. I placed the order on line anyway. That night, got a call from them to confirm and they tried to sell me an SD card and extended warranty. He was nice at first but I did not go for any extras and his attidute got real NYish (rude- like he did not have any time for me). He dropped the price of the warranty from $179 to $99 in about 30 seconds. I still did not go for it. Note that the unit is $189. Why pay $179 for a warranty - might as well buy another unit and keep it in the closet until the first one breaks! After I said no, he did not say good-bye or thanks for the order, he just hung up. 5 mins later I got an e-mail saying the unit was on back order. BS!! He told me on the phone the unit was ready to be shipped! I called them to raise hell and I can't get through. It rings once, then goes busy. Since I opened an account, they have my number. I an guessing with caller ID, they are giving me a false busy! What a bunch of bums!!
N  12th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Hopefully I didn't buy anything, I called to confirm that the price was $30 lower than anyone else. The person was rude and hung up after naming the price. I had filled out everything, but didn't cofirm the order, but they have my information. After I read things here, I agree and now don't want to take the chance. But I'll be watching my credit card account closely!
A  13th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I went online & purchased a SR11 camcorder & then got an email credit card confirmation, but as time went on they did not charge my card & their web sight is down also. They are rude on the phone because I did not buy any extra!

The way it seems is that the people on this forum is right. Also I am worried that now they have my credit card info.
A  16th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I didn't get what I ordered from Closeout Genius.com. I specifically stated that I didn't want the AD adapter but got it anyway. I have yet to get an itemized bill from them and going to also report them to the Federal Trade commission. I tried to contact them but all I get is a busy signal. I am going to dispute the charges on my card also.

Stay away. I wish I had found this site before ordering from them. I have been duped
N  17th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Yes! I think this might be some strange scam. I had a similar experience to everyone's comments so far! I placed on line order and they called me confirm and tried to sell me all this extra stuff doubling my order. I got my camera in a week but they didn't include the lens I had ordered. I have been trying to get them ever since and I'm just getting the busy signal as well! I also sent their costumer service an email complaining! I guess I thought for some strange reason that would actually work but they haven't got back in touch with me! I paid for a lens I still haven't received! This is so unprofessional! I can't use my camera without a lens! Something smells fishy!
A  17th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I made the exact same mistake as hundreds of others have (google this company and you will see). I then immediately canceled my credit card after reading everyone's complaints. I called Close Out Genius the next day to cancel my order and was assured they would cancel and that I would receive an email saying so.

THREE DAYS LATER and THREE CALLS LATER, I have received no email. I canceled my credit card the next day after reading hundreds of people have been scammed by this company.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Close Out Genius, Camcorder Genius, Wholesale Genius, or any of their fake aliases.
N  17th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Thank goodness I was able to spot the scam in the nick of time. I had placed an order for a GPS but used the Shopsafe option offered by my credit card, since I didn't know the seller. I realized how gr8 this option is only after this experience. Basically the credit card generates a proxy card details with your name, and you can fix the amount that can be charged to this proxy card. I got the email form them asking me to call back and confirm. When I tried it was busy. Then I googled and found many threads complaining about the scam, I immediately cancelled the shopsafe # which I had given them, which hadn't been charged yet. I called my bank and immediately reported this. They said everything was fine and that I wouldn't be charged and also my card details were safe, since I had used shopsafe. I hope they can bust this racket soon.
N  20th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I am so sorry I didn't read this website before. I live in US for the last 8 years and was always impressed with the way the customer service is handle here. Until today! What a horrible experience! I placed my order with CloseoutGenius.com on Saturday. Tried to call their only 1888 number posted on the side since than. Most of the time the number seemed disconnected. I wrote several emails to their info@ and sales@ - no response. TOday finally I was able to speak to a person. I said I would like to check on my order. He said to call in an hour.He was very very rude. Didn't listen. Told me articulating : CALL IN AN HOUR. I said I have been trying to reach tem for last 6 days and most of the time the signal is busy / out of service. I am leaving to Europe on Thursday and needed a camcorder for that reason. I guess I should pay the regular price and go with a vendor I know and trust. I highly recomend buydig.com. / their prices are fair and their customer service is wonderful. I wish there was a way to worn other people before placing an order with Close Out Genius. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I deal with customer service every day and my heart bit was never so high as after speaking to Close OUt Genius customer service. Ater calling and speaking to somebody finally they said my order woud be shipped out shortly, than the website said it is BACKORDERED. I clicked and cancelled the order. MY next call was to my credit card customer service to monitor the acctivity on my card. NEVER AGAIN - and guess what? the battery doesnt come with it? it shows as a part on the list! INCREDIBLE!
A  20th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Like the post above, I regret not checking the integrity of this company before purchasing a GPS system from them. I believed this was a reliable company because I had used a comparison shopping site and Closeoutgenius had the best price.

Needless to say, after I purchased the GPS online, I received a call confirming the order and trying to sell the 2009 map edition for an extremely inflated price. After I refused, the sales person immediately dropped the price and added some other incentives, and I bought the extras. He told me the GPS would be on the UPS truck that same afternoon. He gave me the total, which was wrong and did not reflect the advertised price. I cancelled the extras, the salesperson was ok with that, and said I'd receive the GPS in 2 weeks or so.

After a week, my card had not been billed and I had not heard from this company. My attempts at phone contact were unsuccessful - mostly getting dead air followed by a busy tone. I used a different phone to call them, and the call was immediately answered by a person - who transferred me to "customer service" and was on hold for more than 30 minutes - and the call was never answered.

I logged into my Closeoutgenius account and saw that the status was "backordered". I had never received a call or email about this. I immediately cancelled my order and will be monitoring my credit account. I also notified the comparison shopping site of my complaint.
A  20th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Closeout Genius runs a scam where they advertise prices 10-15% lower on many different Electronics Categories. When you order, they will require a "confirmation telecon" where they try to upsell cases, memory cards, and other accessories at 500% markup (or more). If you don't bite, suddenly the "in-stock" item you ordered is indefinitely "backordered". I ordered a Garmin GPS unit. The web site failed to confirm that the order went through, so next day, I called to find out. Yes, they had my information and said the unit was in-stock and would ship the next day. THEN I get an email requesting that I call to "confirm" my order. After trying for several hours to get through, I got a person who asked that I confirm my ZIP code. Then asked if I needed a case for the GPS, a 4Gb memory card for "only" $99, (10x the price of other sources), then told me that I had to buy a "map update" to have the latest maps in the Garmin GPS unit. When I confirmed with him that I was ordering a new unit, and that Garmin give free map updates for 60 days after first use, he told me this was a "wholesale" unit and the map update did not apply. All of this is BS. So I asked him "It will ship today or tomorrow, right?" and he said "Yes". Next day, my order status was changed to "backorder".

I cancelled the order. No sign of any charges to my VISA card, but I'll have to watch for it. Not clear that they're running a Credit Card fraud shop, but they sure are running a bait-and-switch scam. They can't (won't) deliver product at their advertised prices, and they probably can escape prosecution by saying that when the unit is available, they'll ship it. (ie when the electronics drop in price within a few months, they might actually ship an un-cancelled "backorder").

STAY AWAY. IT IS A SCAM. IT IS ALSO A SCAM HOW THIS VENDOR HAS 4 STAR RATINGS ON SOME OF THE SITES THAT LINK TO THEM. If you see them referenced on other sites, vote them a zero star rating.
A  22nd of Feb, 2009 by 
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Stay away from these people. I bought a camera, and was called a few days later by a man who promptly tried to up the price by $1, 000 for a bunch of additional things I did not want or need. When I rejected his offer, he called me crazy and told me, flat out, that he refused to sell me the camera at the price I paid. I had to cancel my check card and freeze the funds. These people are horrible con artists.
A  1st of Mar, 2009 by 
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I, of course had one of the same problems. I saw the lowest price and made a purchase of a garmin nuvi 255w. Closeout automatically sent an email regarding the purchase. The next day I received the same phone call alot of you have asking me to buy a memory card for the gps. I declined at least twice, then the person dropped the price from $99.00 to $50.00 for another memory card. I literally had to say no and then hung up. However the beginning of the call started it was just to confirm my order with them. Then I waited 4 days for a shipment confirmation email. Nothing. They didn't charge my card though. I call them and my order was suddenly on back order when it wasn't before. This was after twenty minutes of trying to get through to someone. I then called again 3 days later, the same problems calling them. Busy for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then they put me on hold 3 different times. Then I told them I was cancelling. They said fine and I got a confirmation email in about a minute after the phone call.
A  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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I came this close to buying a Cannon SD790 IS, which on their website is priced for 113$, a ridiculously low price. Before ordering, I was just looking for coupons for the website and came across this forum. I am thankful to all of you for posting your experiences here. I did not place any orders. Thanks everyone for warning us in advance...
A  4th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Looked into buying a Canon HV30 for $309. Priced too goo to be true? Yep. After filling out all their info and paying for it I got a "confirmation" email the day after. The day after that I got an order number via email which said I had to call in to confirm the purchase. Like everyone else's experience, the phone line was busy for two days! By the time I got through I was handed off to three different people. I guess it was the Russian accent that spooked me. I waited for about 10 minutes. During that time I went back to their web site and noticed my purchase had been put on "back order". Everything was starting to fall into place. A quick Google landed me here and 20 other sites that basically said these guys are crooked. I canceled the order via their web site and wrote them a little note. BEWARE. I called my credit card company for some advise. They said to keep an eye on my statement. What a drag.
A  6th of Mar, 2009 by 
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The same thing happened to me when I ordered from Stop And Shop Digital. I did order a garmin nuvi 780 at a very good price, somebody called me to verify my shipping address at that time they offered me some other accessories for my nuvi 780. I declined the accessories because they were really expensive. To my surprise the next day when I checked the status of my order it showed as "Back order" item. I called back and all they told me the product my take a few weeks to be restocked. At this point I knew it was a scam. Don't buy from "Stop and shop digital" either. All these companies are run by the same people
A  6th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Wow, so glad I caught this in time! I was reviewing my order the next day and noticed that the copyright on their website was 2008, so I quickly did a website review search and ended up here. Nonetheless, I canceled my card before they got to charge me. THANK YOU!

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