ClinkinkRefusal to Refund

I bought three (3) Ink Cartridges from Clinkink in September 2015. The first Cartridge worked very well and later ran out of Ink. When I replaced the emptied Cartridge with one of the two Cartridges I had left, it failed to dispense ink properly. That is, the printing was very poor. I tried the third one and it did not dispense ink at all. Therefore, my Printer was printing "blanks." Concerned, I troubleshoot the issue by re-aligning and cleaning the Head of my Printer several times with the original ink-Cartridge I was forced to buy from the manufacturer of my Printer. However, it failed to work well. It was then I realized the Cartridges I bought from Clickink has damaged my Printer head.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Chandler, AZ Out of curiosity, I tore-off the label on the side of the Ink Cartridges sent to me by Clinkink only to discover they were "recycled ink Cartridges" and for a different Printer - entirely. After several Phone calls and promises to refund my money, Clinkink has not done so, but instead is asking me to provide them with a tracking number to show it was returned. If they wanted a "tracking number", they should have sent me a label to ship the item back to them through FEDEX or UPS instead of through the United States Postal Service (USPS) which refused to give me any proof because with the shipping label I was sent, they have no services for such. To date, they are claiming to have NOT received the Cartridges and upon research, I see there are several issues with this company about their refusal to refund people's (Customers') monies. Thus, do not buy anything from this company. They are thieves.

Jan 22, 2016

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