Clicks Retailersincorrect medication dispensed and a no care attitude from pharmacist when I went back to complain

A Nov 17, 2017

To whom it may concern,

On Sunday 12 Nov 2017 I went to the Clicks - Shop 30, at Edenmeadow, to collect my husband's DuoTrav eye drops, chronic medicine, for his Glaucoma condition.
Wonderboy Mahlangu, the pharmacist /dispenser, supplied me with a product called Duolin HFA, the incorrect medication.
I went back to change it on the Monday (day after). Monday Wonderboy was not there. He was off because he worked on the Sunday.
I was told by the pharmacist, "Do you realize how busy we were on Sunday?" The boxes look the same, he told me further, excusing Wonderboy from this error, which had my husband taken, could have caused blindness. In my mind, the pharmacist on the Monday (I don't have his name unfortunately), was more in error, in the way that he dismissed my complaint, and the seriousness of possible implications had my husband trusted the pharmacist, and taken the meds, maybe thinking that it was a generic - which is certainly was not.

My questions are:
Is it ok when you are busy to give the incorrect meds?
What if it was a child?
Are these people qualified?

Please get back to me soonest.

Antoinette Humphreys

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