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Cleveland Institute Of Electronics / Rip-Off Artists

1 Miami, FL, United States Review updated:

CIE (Cleveland Institute of Electronics) lures people into registering for their online courses at a $35 charge and once registered, they send you material for the first lesson but start billing for half of the course. Even if you do not continue with the course they continue billing and if you don't pay, they send your account to collection agency SECURITY CREDIT SYSTEMS. These people at the agency, do not respect any bankruptcy laws and continue to harass you for a payment. They are rude and insult you when you tell them that you are under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

Cleveland Institute of Electronics was notified of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy and I did not pursue the course. I did not mail any lessons to them and yet they continue to harass me.

Under the Bankruptcy law all creditors are advised to attend a Creditors Meeting to declare their claim. These clowns did not show up to the meeting and did not bother to tell the clowns at SECURITY CREDIT SYSTEMS that the account was in bankruptcy filing . Once past the alloted time to stake their claim, the court will deny their claim every time. So what do these clowns at SECURITY CREDIT SYSTEMS do? they continue to bill me and harass me hoping that I will give in and pay. I have notified my attorney about their ILLEGAL behaviour. These guys can be prosecuted if they violate the bankuptcy protection laws.

Cleveland Institute Of Electronics


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  • Ja
      12th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am looking to file a suit aginst them. Anyone interested in a class action. Attroneys Please contact me at

  • De
      22nd of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    There is no free lunch guys. You have to pay for any company's services!

    I attended CIE for four years, completing two degrees in my spare time to help get me better jobs at my current employer.

    They were a breeze to work with. I kept up with my payments and kept my shipping account up to date with funds and it always went smoothly.

    As with any college, distance college or not (my daughter is in the UW system), you get out of it what you put into it.

    Some say that on-line degrees aren't worth anything, but I disagree. And my daughter tells me about kids in the UW system that are basically buying their way through college, not doing any of the grunt work. So put some effort into it, pay the business, and earn something that no one can ever take from you! An education!

  • Jd
      28th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Your complaint appears to be more focused at the collection agency than CIE. I would suggest taking your complaint to the FTC regarding any violations of the FDCPA. However, I am curious as to what specifically did CIE do, to warrant the complaint? I would surmise, based off your complaint, that you enrolled, paid the enrollment fee, received the material and most likely blew off the first lesson or two. And yet it's some how CIE's fault that you lacked the motivation to complete the course or to properly withdraw from the program. It is my guess that you didn't read CIE's cancellation policy, which states: "If the student cancels within FIVE DAYS after midnight of the day the student signs the enrollment agreement, the student will receive a full refund with no further obligation." CIE's cancellation policy is clear about the time frame and how much of a refund the student will receive if he/she cancels after completing the first lesson. In the future, should you decide to enroll in another similar school, I would encourage you to READ the enrollment agreement and especially the cancellation policy. Otherwise, that school may running a "scam" too.

  • Ge
      26th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree with Jean and JDS ! I think this person never really wanted to pursue the education. I have been a student at CIE and had to discontinue and didnt get any hassles from CIE at all!! I am now currently a student again trying to retrain for a new career and they have been most helpful!!

  • No
      20th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I would be very careful when enrolling with this school. One thing I noticed is that they are not up front with their total tuition costs. Instead they try to break it down in a way that it appears to be cheaper than it actually is. Before enrolling you need to contact someone at the school and be sure of the amount they expect you to pay and also get the agreement in writing. I am willing to bet that once you see the enrollment agreement it doesn't support what they have posted on their website. Also understand that once you sign an enrollment agreement you are obligated to pay whether or not you finish the program for the semester. Their option to study at your own pace and thus graduate sooner and pay less tution sounds like a bunch of baloney and I have yet to read any testimonies on the web from students who have been able to take advantage of this. Don't believe the hype is all I am saying.

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