Clearvu Soap Dispenser / false advertising

1 GA, United States

I order two 46oz clearvu soap dispensers code IMP9345 for $21.50 a piece. The item stated they would work with different types of soaps including lotion soaps. When my items arrived the product code was 9346 and tape on item was foam soap only. I called the company and was questioned on how did know because both products look alike. I was also told the instruction paper that said items 9330 and 9346 are the instructions they use. I did try the product as instructed and it did not work. I was told they would call me back in a day. after a week I called back, I was placed on hold 2x for 15 min each. The item 9346 was also cheaper costing $18.30. It was clear they did not want to refund my money so they came up with a line that the products are exactly the same and descriptions on there site are mixed up. They decided to refund me the difference of the items after I mentioned a cost difference. I am just glad I didn't purchase the bulk amount I wanted.


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