Clear Wireless Internet / Unlimited Internet is a Joke

1 Kingwood, TX, United States

We used Clear for over a year. Occasionally our guarenteed service of at least 4 MB would drop to under 1. We'd call customer service, complain, and it would start working again. This last time, it last for two days. We called after trying to download a movie that said it would take 14 hours to download onto our Apple TV. After 3 techs, Clear finally told my husband that they were throttling our internet because we were "internet hogs". They advertise "UNLIMITED INTERNET"! Their tech said you have to read the contract, which includes a clause they could determine if someone was using too much of their unlimited internet and take appropriate actions. They said the customer is ALWAYS NOTIFIED. We were NEVER notified! We were NEVER made aware of these clauses. Their sales person TOLD US it is always unlimited that they never throttle. But the tech said they do this on a regular basis. So much so, that if you get to them on the phone call, they will wave any termination fees, cut off your internet, and refund any amount owed. We took the option. But I don't think they refunded us yet (two weeks later). Don't use CLEAR FOR UNLIMITED internet! Especially if you want to cut the cord. They will not provide and will be sneaky and just stop service without warning.

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