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This company is no longer in business, I tried getting in contact with them but no response. I was not even notify of this change, i was notify by my creditors. I have paid upfront legal fees of $1121.85 and they have not done anything for me.
I would really appreciate if you can assist me in anyway to recover these legal fees so i can get another company to help resolve this matter. Thank you in advance.

Yours Truly

Rohan Persaud

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  • Ch
      Aug 27, 2009

    You threw away $1121 and now you are wanting to throw away more money to another SCAM company.

    Talk to your debtors yourself, you will see better results than throwing money at these scam companies.


    Stay away from TV & RADIO ads of this nature also!

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  • Hu
      Aug 27, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I am Herman Hutten I have the same see below
    July 2009 SSY group [protected] cyp USD 39, 97
    February 2009 AFORG 866-588-8301GBR USD 39, 97
    Maart 2009 AFORG Hertfordshires GBR USD 39, 97
    April nothing
    may 2009 AMA Drew Ltd [protected] GBR USD 39, 97
    June 2009 ZTA Club [protected] GBR UDS 39, 97
    July 2009 SSY Group [protected] Cyp USD 39, 97
    August 2009 NATL EVZ [protected] Cyp USD 39, 97
    PLease advice what do to


    Herman Hutten

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  • Ch
      Aug 27, 2009

    To Herman Hutton,

    What are you talking about? The numbers and things you are saying don't make any sense. Nobody knows what that crap is supposed to refer to.

    A little explanation is in order.

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  • So
      Mar 08, 2010

    I have been a client since March 07 I too have a compliant too. I tried getting ahold of them today and got the same message that they are no longer in buisiness. What the hell are we suppose to do now????? I received two letters over the weekend from two different collection claims. I was told by clear deb, Kendra Williams was my representative, my fourth rep since we started, last fall that the statue of limitations would go into effect in Sept 09 for the accounts that I just received that they want payment on. One wants 50, 000 dollars on a card that had a balance of 29, 000 the next went to Mapother and Mapother Assoc and they want 2, 600 with no interest or late fees added on. My husband is currently having his wages garnished and mine will probably be next. We cannot afford this to happen and are considering filinf bankrupty because of it. I know for sure after talking to a lawyer today we are going to sue Clear debt for everything, esp our fee we paid for them to do ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING!!!

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  • Pp
      Nov 09, 2011

    They did the same thing to me.I had Kendra Williams too.She and the 3 prior reps helped settle a few small accounts.They never even tried to set up a payment plan or anything on a couple of larger ones in my name and one in my husbands.The work was done while they were still getting a monthly fee.After that nothing that was promised was done.So we got taken for over $4000 too.Couldn't reach anyone then out of buisness.

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