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Clear Creek Consulting Westminister Coloroda / Take advantage of peoples fears

1 westminister, CO, United States

Stay away from they call themselves a firm but just a bunch of theives taking advantage of peoples fears of the IRS to milk money out of you and not do anything till you finally have to give up on them and your financially devestaded cause they make out like they can help you with your tax problems for an amount of money till they keep requesting more from you untill your broke and cant do anything then drop your case and dont do anything for you on your taxes. Please whoever reads this do not use them. Thell start out asking a few thousand and make out like that will do it and they got it figured out that every time you get a letter from the IRS that they can charge another 2 grand and so on and keep delaying your case till before you know it your into them 6 grand and they havent even sent in the first form in to the IRS to start procedings for settleing your case in hopes that youll run out of money and they can just drop it and not do a thing. Hopefully youll see this before you use them to see there no good. I don't even see how the people working there can sleep at night.

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