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Cleanwhites / false advertising, charged $549.84

1 Bonita Springs, FL, United States Review updated:

Helmut Krueger
27504 Arbor Strand Drive
Bonita Springs, FL [protected]

Fraud Alert
This is the latest swindle and has already effected innumerable innocent people.
This scam is spreading like a brush fire as one can see on the Internet. Check, or Premium White, Cleanwhite, Accesscleans, Teethwhite
(it is all the same company!) and read how many customers have been sheeted already and want their money back.
The following is the history of my experience when I placed a Trial Order of Cleanwhites as shown on attachment 1:

11-15-09: I placed order DZW998930498403 for free Premium White Trial
Shipping & handling charges: $2.95
11-15-09 Notice! Expected Delivery 4 - 7 days
11-15-09 Confirmation & Invoice; shipping cost for risk-free trial was now: $3.95
They added for Cleanwhites Advanced shipping cost + $0.99
We received this shipment and immediately returned it unopened
to the sender because it was delivered from an unknown firm
(Healthclns had been changed to Accesscleans)

BofA's November 2009 Statement with closing date of 11/24/09 included:
HEALTHCLNS [protected] CY 11/17 11/15 5389 $3.95
FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE 11/17 11/15 5389 $0.99
HEALTHCLNS [protected] CY 11/17 11/15 5462 $0.03
ULTIFRESHWELL [protected] CY 11/17 11/15 8368 $2.95
FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE 11/17 11/15 8368 $0.02
ACCESSCLEANS [protected] CY 11/17 11/15 8552 $48.92
FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE 11/17 11/15 8552 $0.48

12-14-09 We paid with check #490 in the amount of $149.03 of which $57.34
were charges from Cleanwhite
12-22-09 My wife called BofA, spoke with Donald, who promised to issue
credit of $48.97 (confirmation # DZW998900498403) ($7.94
our responsibility ?) in the next statement.
12-23-09 We received three more shipments, which I returned the same day
unopened addressed to Cleanwhites, 300 NE 62nd St. Miami,
FL 33138 (see USPS receipt).
12-28-09 My wife followed up with BofA and was told to wait 30 days for
credit to be issued.

BofA's December 2009 Statement with closing date 12-25-09 included the items we'd never ordered but received and returned on 12/23:
SUP SMILEBRIGHT [protected] OH 12/07 12/08 0036 $86.93
0000003 163B59BBE7
SUP TEETHWHITE [protected] OH 12/11 12/08 9628 $79.95
SUP TEETHWHITE [protected] OH 12/11 12/08 7492 $79.95
SUP SMILEBRIGHT [protected] OH 12/16 12/13 5142 $86.93
SUP TEETHWHITE [protected] OH 12/18 12/15 6403 $83.90
SUP TEETHWHITE [protected] OH 12/18 12/15 6692 $83.90
SUP WHITETEETH [protected] OH 12/18 12/16 1310 $48.28

BofA January 2010 Statement with the closing date of 01/26/10 included anoyher item I'd never ordered:
SUP WOLDFIT [protected] 12/26 12/25 1162 $24.13

Although we'd complained to "Cleanwhites", contacted BofA that this Operation seems to be a scam, the shipments continued. My wife who has severe Parkinson's Disease and broke her hip on 12/30/09, had surgery and thereafter four weeks rehab, got very upset about this entire matter, and is suffering unnecessarily during this whole ordeal.

We finally got a cancellation number 228883 for SUP WORLDFIT and on January 2nd four similar emails from "":
"Thank you for using Cleanwhites!
We have received your cancellation and you will no longer receive shipments from us. There is no reason to return your products or take further action; your cancellation is now complete.
Please enjoy your remaining supply of Cleanwhites and we hope to one day earn your business again.
Cleanwhites Customer Service"

01-14-10 BofA's Nataie S. Ireland wrote:
"Dear Helmut Krueger:
Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the $48, 92 charge(s) from ACCESSCLEANS.
Based from the information you provided, we have contacted the merchant (s) on your behalf to present your dispute (s) to them and we issued credit (s) to your account for the disputed charge (s). We also credited your account for any finance charges and fees you incurred as a result of the disputed charge (s). The adjustment (s) will appear on your monthly statement.
At this time, we consider your dispute (s) resolved. We recommend that you keep copies of all documentation regarding your dispute (s), as the Merchant (s) has the opportunity to present new information to support why they feel the transaction (s) is valid. We may forward you any documentation we receive from the merchant (s), and will let you know if we need additional information to support your dispute (s).

01-14-10 Following a telephone conversation with the "Premium White" employee Fatima, explaining this fraudulent transactions, I sent a fax with the following text as she had suggested:
"FAX [protected]
Premium White
Attn.: Fatima
Aurora, OH 80019
This is in reference to our telephone conversation on Jan.14th, 2010, I am sending you my December 2009 BofA Statement (Attachment 1).
Contrary to the bank statement I have only received three packages, which I have not opened and immediately returned on 12/23/09 to the sender (see USPS attachment 2).
I have contacted BofA accordingly and reported the invalid charges in the amount of $545.84.
Please make the necessary corrections immediately.
Thank you
Helmut Krueger"

We have never received a reply from "Cleanwhites", "Accesscleans", "Teethwhite", "Premium White" or whatever new name they have now invented to continue with their scam. The employees are also guilty of fraud because they knowingly participate in this swindle operation!

When we called the Dispute Department of BofA we were very surprised about the response of Mr. Anthony Tester and his colleagues: They referred to the small print on advertising of the trial offer page, which is supposed to state that we should have cancelled our "test trial" within 14 days to avoid further charges. I have checked all documents and can confirm that there is no such cancellation notice.

Checking the Internet you will notice that the "Cleanwhite" website states, "We are no longer taking new orders. We will continue to service [?] our existing customers.
Coastplaza Trading Ltd Office 20, 6 Ioanni Stylianou Nicosia 2003 CYP". Note: Google at

I also noticed that we are not the only "customers" who have been ripped off by these swindlers. I have never seen so many complaints on the Internet from people who have tried Cleanwhites, Teethwhite, etc.

How can this go on and on? Isn't there anyone who will stop this grand scam operation?

We can ill afford to lose $550 for services we have not ordered or used after receiving this trash, and these thieves get away with their fraudulent activities.

Can no one help? Please do something. Thank you.

Helmut Krueger


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  • Do
      20th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes
    CLEANWHITES - product
    United States

    This offer is a scam. I never finished the trial period and my credit card was charged for additional shipments that I never had agreed.

  • Ba
      27th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to me, except I got hit by six different companies who all hit my credit card
    from companies (all in Cypress) I cannot recognize by the name (BEUTYCLUB, HEALTHCLNS, EZYKIT, etc.). Over $400 total. VISA is investigating but told me I have to call and cancel. One phone line doesn't ring at all, another just rings and rings. A HUGE SCAM! MSNBC should take this down three weeks ago! Let's all complaint to them...

  • Mi
      19th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes
    CLEANWHITES - charging me double in my checking acct...and never asked for product
    United States

    order was charge 79.95 twice...what a scam...was never talked to by anyone from company togive my authorization to do so...also stayed on phone with them till the end of the wait time they hung up...what a joke...

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes
    CLEANWHITES - Surprised!
    United States

    I dont understand, i was scared to try the 14-day trial, these complaints out weigh the good ones. I tried the product it wasnt for me... but i did not have any problem cancelling. I actually did it online, got my return label and shipped it within the 10 day window... I have not been charged ever since :)

  • To
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes
    CLEANWHITES - Website
    United States

    I was really excited to place my order for Cleanwhites, I received my product within enough time to try it out, i even made changes to my shipping frequency directly from the website. Pretty good product and helpful website.

  • Ch
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    And you, topconsumer are a lying, damn company shill. This is a scam company and you know it, you low-life piece of ###!

  • An
      8th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please how do you cancelled the trial?

    In the site of cleanwhite's i didn't found how to do that.

    Please help me T_T.

  • Sh
      9th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Placing an ORDER for CleanWhites is not the same thing as filling out a form for a $2 FREE TRIAL, and then discovering huge charges on your CC bill.

    If you want to ORDER CleanWhites, go for it. If you want a free trial, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CC NUMBER.

  • Ge
      17th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I would have to agree with top consumer. I tried cleanwhites and I like it. my teeth looked whiter in just a few days!

  • Rv
      29th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes
    United States


  • Ch
      14th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Nice try top scam. ha ha ha!! Thank god I never fell for your bs company scam. Your whore of a mother must be proud she raised a liar thief piece of ###? Next time you see your mother, slap her across the face for us for failing you so badly. Or just strap a mattress to the back of your sister or wife and earn your money that way? You might as well since they're both screwing everyone for free.

  • Ch
      14th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    scammer britewhite & hollywood white

  • Dw
      14th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes
    CLEANWHITES - big fraud
    United States

    This company should be stopped! I ordered the free trial and then cancelled but i have been charged over 340.00 for nothing i even have the e- mails where i icnncelled they sent me . I had to block my credit cards to stop them, no one should buy anything from this company and they should not be allowed to advertise on the web

  • Hu
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Free trial of this product turned into $159.90 in unauthorized charges on my bank card.

    Advice to other victims of this internet scam:

    1. Go to your bank and have them call Cleanwhites @ 877.409.4406.
    2. Get the name of the person answering for Cleanwhites.
    3. Threaten to file a complaint with Florida State Attorney General.
    4. Demand the account be canceled.
    5. Demand a full refund.
    6. Demand a due date for the refund credit to your card.
    7. Block Cleanwhites from further charges to your bank card.
    8. And/or: cancel your bank card / open another account.

    Good luck, Graham

  • Gw
      6th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes
    CLEANWHITES - deceptive sales practices
    super white teeth
    United States

    These are the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune of coming in contact with!!
    They take your money once they get your credit card to get a "free sample" of their product. Then they use that to steal 74.99 from your bank account! I have gotten very nasty with them and they just keep giving me the run around. These guys are bad news.

  • Be
      7th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company is one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune of coming in contact with. Their customer service is non-existent and everyone I spoke with was rude and totally unprofessional. Somehow 2 accounts were set up under my name and then I was charged on my credit card statement 2 times on 12/15 and then 2 times on 12/31. Almost $400 charges in 2 week -- unbelievable. Be VERY careful and stay away from them at all costs. They told me their policy that everything is non-refundable and all sales are final. I was finally transferred to a supervisor who was no better than the first person I spoke with. I offered to send the entire product back for a refund and they said no -- even they don't want their own product! They finally agreed to refunding me $100. People like this shouldn't be allowed to do business and take advantage of people. Does anyone have any idea or luck with gettng a full refund? Let me know as I would love to persue this further.

  • Ps
      25th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes
    CLEANWHITES - £75.22.charge for SAMPLE
    Clean Whites
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 08455083250

    I ordered a Sample of a teeth whitening product, which I agreed to pay post and packing for. This fee was paid by M&S master card.
    Today I have received on line an amount of £75.22. claimed bu this company. On speaking to them I am told this was for the SAMPLE.!!
    Please can you help, we are OAP's.
    I would be most grateful for your advice.
    Many thanks.

  • Ch
      26th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also got involved in this scam. They sold or otherwise changed my account to DentaWhite in Utah. I have never heard of DentaWhite! I requested a "risk-free" trial offer. On the web page that I filled in my details, there was NO indication that I was signing up for a free monthly obligation to purchase their products (2) for over $90 per month each. I called them and indicated that they were a scam operation and that I had email messages from Cleanwhite indicating that my accounts were closed. BUT, NO REFUNDS! I had received only one of their products and I have not opened it. They agreed, on my second call, to reverse one charge and $52 of the one that I received. I still have not seen the credit on my card bill. I filed a dispute with Visa, they initally refused to take my complaint until I spoke to a supervisor. She also closed the CC number that I had used and issued me a new card with a new number. Maybe I will be out only the $40? I filed complaints with the Miami BBB, Police Dept, Florida Attorney General, FBI, then found that the main office is in Miami Beach. I contacted the Miami Beach PD and they told me that a Federal agency would be my only way to force these companies to stop these fraudulant activities. These companies have many other products that are sold in this same manner. I did not dispute the .99 charges for the "risk-free" trial sample. This is the only thing that I commited to purchase.

  • Mt
      20th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think "StaceyAcey" is a plant for the company. There are literally HUNDREDS of complaints on the BBB website, not to mention on this website as well as several other complaint-based and scam-warning websites. One "positive" experience with this company does not cancel out hundreds (if not thousands) of "negative" experiences with this company. Sorry, "StaceyAcey", I don't buy it. BTW - how much is CleanWhites (Rauscher Bekke LLC) paying you per "positive post"? Or are they giving you some free product in exchange for your services?

  • Mt
      20th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    "Topconsumer" and "Gemma2089" - how much do you get paid to post these phony happy stories about CleanWhites??? How can you look yourselves in the mirror every morning, knowing that you are associated with a company (Rausher Bekke LLC, dba: CleanWhites LLC) that makes its money by ripping off, scamming, and lying to consumers. Perhaps the product does work - but that is not the issue here. The issue is a company that should be shut down and its CEO charged with consumer fraud (amongst other things)!

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