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Like everyone else here, we got scammed on the "Free Trial Offer" for .99 cents shipping. On August 13, 2009 we received a charge for $86.42 & on August 28, 2009 we received another for the same amount. Furious, I called these companies after the first charge, only to find a voicemail loop with no way to get out to a real person. This afternoon, after receiving the 2nd charge, I was furious & managed to hit the right combination of buttons on both numbers, [protected] & [protected]. After getting no where with a CSR, I asked to speak to a manager. I spoke with Kim Smith who provided me with 2 RMA (return merchandise authorization) numbers. Once returned, my account will be credited.

The scam here is that YOU have to call & cancel your account within some ridiculous time frame like 15 days or you will be billed the fuill amount. Apparentaly, they run on a 15 day cycle given then 2nd charge.

As an aside, you can the Acai berry supplement at ANY Walgreen's, CVS or GNC store for a fraction of the cost of these businesses. I found Acai at CVS for less than $5.00 per bottle. SAME ingredients.

Buyer beware!


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