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Clean Dry Usa / Unethical comany and horrile workmanship...Ruined all my flooring

1 22425 Ventura Blvd#463Woodland Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-306-5830

Where do I begin with such an unethical disaster...I found a coupon offering 3 rooms steamcleaning for $$$$ 49.95...I thought wow..what a great deal. My carpets needed a cleaning...they were in pretty good shape just needed a yearly cleanup. I called and booked an appointment with Clean Dry USA. They gave me an appt for 11-8-08 they put me in the 2-5pm window slot and said a tec would call me 30 minutes before arriving...At one had called me...I called the companys 1-800# and a lady answered saying that she just worked at the booking center..she said she would contact him to see where he was. Mind you she was extremely rude. I waiting ten min..she called back and said he was late on a job and would be leaving soon from Castiac. FINALLY AN HOUR OR SO later they show up...throwing their Carls Jr mess in my trashcan. Two men showed...One middle eastern man ( Zack) I believe and a hispanic man. The middle eastern guy was definately the sales man out of the two. The hispanic man spoke no english to what I saw. It took them about 20 min for setup...I live in a mobile home and my sprinkler system is attached to my house on the side of my home near the driveway...they disconnected my sprinkler system to attach their hose to my water supply...( they never put back together my sprinkler system and they left my hose all unravelled all over my driving) The Middle eastern man did a little example to me of the different types of steam cleaning they offerred. He reissured me that I need the DEEP CLEANING PRE CONDITIONING cleaning. He told me that it would be $$$ 220.00 I told him I couldnt afford that...I told him I just wanted the coupon special $49.95...He said he could do it for that price because it was more than 350 sq ft...( which it was not) I did not move ANY furniture in any of the at most between the 3 spaces were many 250-300 sq ft...he argued with me and said...fine...I will give you a special rate since we were almost 2 hrs late., ..I will do the deep cleaning for $$$ 89.95...I was already almost 3 hours late to very inportant plans...I wanted this completed so I said fine...and wrote him a check. I should have known it was fishy when he has me write the check not to the business name but to some random middle eastern name? The man reisurred me they were licensed and bonded...So I left them there and trusted the job would get done right and I would be I knew the promised a money back guarentee. A few hours later when I returned my carpets were sopping wet...I thought it was strange that they were so wet but figured they are a professional business and trusted it would turn out fine...HAHA! To my surprise in the morning on 11-9-08 I awoke at 7am to destroyed carpets and destroyed wood laminate floors...My dark green carpet had large white splotches all over it in all three rooms. As it is drying it has gotten worse.My wood laminate flooring around where the carpet was was completly bubbling and lifting and had a white film on it. I freaked out...I called the 1800 number spoke with some lady who told me no one could help me today and I had to wait for a supervisor...On their website and all of the advertisement it states they are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and if there is an emergency the will be to you within 60 minutes or less???? This is considered a emergency when your carpets and flooring has been ruined by a company you trusted for service...and you have a 2 year old son who crawls around and play on that floor. I dont know if and what kind of chemicals and poisons were all over my carpet. Anyways no supervisor called me I had to call the 1800 number which the lady hung up on me 3 times...she would not give me her name...the business's address nor the business license!!! Then I had a private blocked number call on my cell phone 3 times from 3 different men trying to say they were supervisors..screaming and yelling at me. They said no one was avaliable to come then and fix the problem thier company had created! I cancelled the check with my bank right away. I have thousands of dollars in damage and I DONT know what to do...! I have looked them up on the BBB Website and they have an F RATING...GO FIGURE.!!! This morning on11-10-08 another blocked call from a suppossed Shawn...came in on my cell which went to a message. This Shawn says that his bank called and I cancelled the check ...blah blah he said he was sending me to collections for this and was very rude in the message. Again he left no number only this 1800 number...I tried to call him back and of course it was the same lady who had hung up in me numerous times...she said she would page Shawn to call me...Now its been over 2 hours no call no show from anyone!!! This is such an unethical company...They show up late...they dont give you the price promised in the coupon special...they try to sell you unneccesary services...they leave a mess...they destroy your carpets and flooring...they do not guarentee their work nor do they give you youre money back...they have no business license and a f rating with the BBB...They will not work with you at all to fix what they destroyed...they will not communicate with you at all about the problems...its a very fishy company all together...and now I am out of carpets and laminate flooring throughout my house and I dont have the money to fix it all..They talk to you like you are stupid and treat you horrible...they are verbally abusive !!!.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY..I CAN PROMISE YOU IT WILL BE A DISASTER!!! I have pictures of all of the damages caused by Clean dry USA...!!!

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  • Gr
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I used This Company And I am Very Happy With Them.
    From Your Story You Are unethical And Very Fishy Person.

    I used Them Many Times They Are The Best .
    All My Friends/Family Clean With Them As Well For Many Years, NEVER complain.

    There are pepole that no metter what you will do for them they will Never be happy, That why our world is like that.

    I would highly Recommend To Use Them Any time for your carpet /Tile/Sofa


  • Te
      15th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    There are many, many victims of this company Clean Dry USA. Now they are doing business as Clean N Dry. I am happy to say as of 3/12/09 The District Attorney of Santa Monica is suing Clean Dry.

    Report your problem
    Call ASAP. Santa Monica Consumer Protection Unit at (310) 458-8336

    Goggle them you will see the truth and keep reporting them. BBB, Consumers

  • Am
      9th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i disagree with you.
    this company had served me very well.
    their staff are polite and seasoned and i will definitely use their services again.


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