Clayton Mobile Home in Lubbock, TX / Rip off

1 Lubbock, TX, United States
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Phone: 806-749-4063

In 2007, my husband and I decided we wanted to purchase our first home. We had just had our first child and were tired of renting and the housing was ridiciously priced here so we decided to go with getting some land and a double wide from Clayton Mobile Homes. Had we known what would've happened later we never would've gone this route.We picked out a house after looking at several and started all the paperwork. Everything seemed to be going fine, the bank had approved us and all was well.

Well we wanted to go with a waterwell company that we told them to call and verify the prices, well they went off my aunt's price that she had gotten a year prior to when we started looking to buy and of course the prices had changed. They decided we should go with someone else that was cheaper due to the fact they had already figured in numbers. I told them I didn't want to do that but if they thought he was good that was fine with us I guessed. As expected you will have a little dirt at first. It is now April 2010 and we STILL HAVE DIRT coming thru. We called Clayton's last month to tell them of the problems we were still having and they told us "it's not our problem" I was furious. They said they had documents of when other things were fixed and that they couldn't do anything for us. Well they never came and fixed the other things and now thanks to them we have mold as well. They are a complete rip off and if they EVER CALL FOR THE review I was supposed to give them I won't give one period. I want my house fixed and they still haven't fixed the things we need. The most important to me at this point is the dirt in my water and the mold in my house. I called to get a quote on how much it would cost to fix the screw up and it's going to cost me $600 to $800 dollars just for them to fix something that I didn't do. So if you are ever in the market looking for a house don't go with Clayton Mobile Homes. All they will do is screw you for your money.

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