SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Failure to uphold appointed duty

1 United States

I was driving at about 35mph south along Blanding Blvd when a pedestrian stepped of the road side into the road behind my car. About four to six car lengths behind me was a clearly marked sheriff's cruiser #2976. The sheriff's officer did not slow down to warn the guy back to the sidewalk, did not flash the lights, did not honk the horn or even tweek the siren.

The pedestrian walked across my lane behind my car, paused as the sheriff's vehicle passed and proceeded to weave his way to the median through traffic.

I am not saying that the officer should have stopped to throw the book at the guy, but for the officer to completely and blatantly ignore (or worse: fail to notice) the individual jaywalking is not acceptable.

As for the likely response of "Maybe the officer was headed somewhere more important." The officer was moving along with traffic, showing no sign of determined progress and often slipped below the prevailing speed of the surrounding vehicles. And yes, I realize that jaywalking is not the most pressing of issues. I do not even think the guy should have been ticketed: providing he returned to the sidewalk had the officer instructed for him to.

I attempted to report this to the CCSO (Clay County Sheriff's Office) and the operators refused to take my concern/complaint unless I provided them with my name, address and phone number.

Frankly, I do not see why I should have to put my info on some list for the Sheriff's Office to instruct their officers to address traffic and pedestrian violations that take place clearly and obviously within their presence.


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