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My husband and I were approached in our local shopping centre by a young woman who asked us if we liked to go on holiday. When we said yes she offered us two scratch cards to see if we would be lucky enough to win one of their "wonderful" prizes. I scratched up 3 star symbols at which point she became very excited and stated that hardly ever happens and I must be really lucky. I had won one of three prizes, but to redeem said prize we had to attend a 90 minute seminar by Classic Escapes telling us all about this wonderful opportunity of holidaying cheaply for the rest of our lives. We were a bit sceptical, especially when she told us we had to pay a $50 deposit to attend this seminar, but that it would be refunded the minute we turned up for our appointment. We allowed ourselves to be talked into this, even though we were beginning to have our reservations. On the appointed day we turned up at Classic Escapes North Parramatta to redeem our money and collect our prize - all obligation free as long as we listened to their 90 minute spiel. We did receive our refund when we arrived and were taken into a large room which was not particularly professional looking - a few tables and chairs with laptops at each, and a lot of staff milling around, and music blaring out in the background. Our consultant was a young man who was very friendly and chummy, and he proceeded to ask us questions about what type of holidays we like, how often we go away etc. I felt we were being treated almost like children, especially when he kept going over the same info time and again. When we got down to the nitty gritty, the bottom line was that to avail ourselves of all the "wonderful opportunities" Classic Escapes could offer us, we would have to part with $15000 that day . We explained we couldn't commit to such a large sum so quickly and would need to go home and think about it, at which point our consultant brought in another person who proceeded to try and talk us into signing up. Every time we declined the price came down and more carrots were thrown in - finally we said we'd had enough and we would like to redeem our prize and leave. At this point we were taken into an office at the back of the room, past some rubbish bins, and another man, we believe the "boss", tried to get us to join by offering us free trial for a couple of years. When we still said no, he almost threw our prize voucher at us and told us we could leave by the back entrance - a cleaner had to unlock the door to let us out. The prize we "won" was a 3 to 7 night holiday in one of their hotels, rather than the $1500 holiday money or Ipad which were also listed as prizes, but had "conditions" apply next to them - only receivable if you sign up with Classic Escapes.

After reading other feedback about this company, we feel we have had a "Lucky Escape"!!! and we'll steer clear from anything like this in future.

Mar 20, 2016

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