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Not sure where my original complaint went, so I will submit it again. I purchased two cats from Dave/Bob Clark at Clarkstone Bengals a few years ago. They were a male and female breeders as the intent was to breed cats as a way to supplement our income in order to pay for medical school. Things went smoothly in the beginning. When we received the cats, we immediately took them to our vet as a normal thing. The vet proceeded to list the numerous problems including obvious flees, ringworm, and behavior issues with the male. She questioned where we got the cats as the quality was poor and their health was very bad. I expressed my concerns to Dave Clark about what our trusted vet had said (we have used this vet for years without any issues). He expressed concern and offered to refund the money as he didn't want an unhappy customer. Clearly he was just joking because when I said that I would send them back and he could refund the money, he proceeded to call me many names, including a lying cheat. He said he learned that doing business with young people is a poor decision as they are horrible thieves. When I asked that he just live up to his offer and we can part ways, he told me that he will see how healthy they are when they get back. When Dave received the cats back he refused to refund any of my money and never explained why. I ended up file a suit and still haven't received my money. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH CLARKSTONE. You will get screwed if any problems arise.

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  • Da
      11th of Apr, 2012

    This wasn't me...My cattery is experiencing some sort of cyber's being investagated at this time. I have no clue in anyword of this. If you read this and can any light on this subject call me at 830-609-4601

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  • Ta
      14th of Apr, 2012

    This wasn't you? That is your response? Please Mr. Clark. You clearly cannot address the complaint. Instead you throw up your hands, garnish a confused look, and say, "Huh? Wasn't me." You were sent a check in May 2006. Please look into your records regarding two cats you sent out around this time and two cats that would have come back shortly after that time. If you have a legitimate company investigating cyber bullying, please have them contact me on this review board and I will gladly give them my name, address, telephone number, check number, lawsuit number, and any other information they would need to show that I am not not trying to bully you in any way. If you were to ever return the money I would consider the case closed, and I would voluntarily remove these complaints as you made a good faith effort to resolve the situation, and I can respect a business that does that. However, until that time, if I can help even one person by swaying them from purchasing from you, it is time well spent.

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  • No
      16th of Apr, 2012

    We shake our heads as we read your response. Always try to get past the facts. It is never his fault. He has been mistreated. Misunderstood. Poor man. Now he is being cyber-bullied He does ya dirty and then he gets a memory problem. He seems to forget. You've got a clue, many of them. You know what you did to every one. This is your way to make things go away. I have now lived long enough to say that I have heard it all. Cyber-bullied. Not true and you can make all the excuses you want, but you did this to yourself. The truth is coming out. Do right by every one and we are sure they will take off their complaints. But not until. We gave you the chance to talk too us, but we got tired of the name calling and your insults towards us. Not going to ever call you again. I can talk to you here and be heard. We would like to talk to TakeninIowa and share tales. We feel for them.

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  • No
      17th of Apr, 2012

    This is all like a two year old child, caught with its hand in the cookie jar. It's not me! IT's NOT ME. Some one must have put my hand in there for me. If it is not you sir, then why did we do business at your address, use that same number you have given out, business through your web site. So who else would it be. Your still liable it was your business. You don't manage the cattery, your the owner. So man up for a change and do right by the people you hurt. You hurt them, their pocket book, so just man up. But instead i's not you, cyber bulling, ...Please, give every one e break. IT WAS YOU. Your not being honest. Multi-personalities?????? Not going to call you.

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