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Bought a pair of wingtips
Wore them a few times
Moved and found them 4 years later
Like new uppers but sole was sticky
Walked a few hundred feet and soles broke apart. Big chunks breaking off.

Clarks Customer service offered a 20% discount on new pair ordered from their Website. They said my shoes product number was over 20 years old.

Outlet mall store are not much a bargain if the 5 year old shoe is actually 20 years old.

Never ever buying Clarks again.

Every manufacturer make mistakes but a good manufacturer will compatant one will not insult a customer by not offering a replacement for a clearly bad product.

Shame on you Clarks for not standing by your customers.

Shame on me if I every trust you again.


  • Updated by Dolphin1, Jan 25, 2017

    Fell apart the second time I wore them.
    Clarks are only good for dressing a corpse for a funeral

Jan 25, 2017

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