Clarion Hotel Palmer Inn/Choice Hotels.illegal unauthorized charging of customers debit/credit cards.

At 4:49AM in the early morning of 11/18/18, Scott Rogers illegally obtained my credit card information to process an unauthorized card transaction towards a hotel stay not yet begun and before the official end of the current stay. The overcharged amount was processed 4 times in the amount of $ 395.05(declined), 1 time in the amount of $295.05(processed), 1 time in the amount of $100(declined), and 1 time in the amount of $50 (processed). I was told the charges were for a security hold, which was not necessary as reservation: [protected] was made through my choice rewards account for 11/18/18 @ 3:00PM for $385.02. The unnecessary charges sent a frauds alert to my phone designed to avoid these types of issues. As a result, the charges were flagged as questionable thus compromising use of the card at all. Ultimately this was done without my knowledge or consent also neglecting to give the opportunity to use another payment option if this was done properly and during normal business hours or at check-in. Upon further investigation I learned that Scott had also processed an unauthorized, fraudulent and unnecessary charge (currently pending) on my credit card for the incorrect amount of $57.57 on 11/11/18. Scott was obviously uninformed about a compensation stay given as a result of the malfunctioning amenities in our hotel room.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Princeton Junction, NJ Although other staff were informed of the free night stay, Scott took it upon himself to charge my card and never informed me about it until my recent discovery so I questioned him about the charges. My main concern are the practices of this hotel with the suspicious, fraudulent, secret practices of some staff and how it affects the customers. I no longer have confidence of a comfortable stay that I had experienced thus far at this hotel. Some staff worked diligently to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay, so it is very disappointing that not everyone shares the same ambitions of quality assurance, which compromises the integrity of the business.
The first night we endured cigarette smoke in our room from someone smoking two rooms down the hall. Then we were placed in a room with no working cable, then the refrigerator stopped working along with the micro in the only available room (at the time), which was the handicap room. So, we were grateful of the accommodations made to compensate for the lack. Also, the gentleman in the kitchen from Spain brought a welcoming and inviting quality to breakfast. We understand that no one and nothing is perfect, so it's nice when people can acknowledge that aspect of life and not create a more complicated situation. Therefore, I'm simply requesting fair and reasonable compensation for the fraudulent and unauthorized card charges, which affected my account and thoughts about this hotel.

Nov 21, 2018

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