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I received a certificate from a timeshare company promising a $300 gas card. I was instructed to go to the website I registered the pin# that was on the certificate, then found out that I am suppose to pay $100 a month in order to get $25 gas gift card. Well I began submitting may proof of gas purchases and sending it in on time from April 2017 through June 2017. The company says that it takes 4 - 6 weeks to process and send the gift card. I have not received any gift cards yet and it has been since April 2017. I have received confirmation emails that the company has received my gas invoices and they are processing my requests. I have contacted the customer service number but there is not a way to get a live person. The message runs in a loop stating that all of the questions can be answered by visiting the website. I feel that I have been majorly scammed by this company!!

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  • Sp
      Jun 15, 2009 - Online scam
    United States

    The is a rebate offer of $500.00 of free gas. On the website it is totally different, offering $25.00, 4 X for a total of $100.00. They ask that you register online or if by mail send you certificate to their address with $4.50 for S & H. The offer was for purchasing a Mediacom package, (telephone, internet and cable TV) The original note asked if we had not received the certificate please let them know, then the certificate for $500.00 show up in response. Sounds out of order to me. They may get lots of $4.50, but it makes marketing have a bad rap!!!

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  • Sp
      Jul 13, 2009

    Same here. I started in March 2017 I believe and sent in March, April, May (and did not spend enough in June). I am working on July now. Like you I have been receiving confirmation emails but no gas cards! I think they are ripping me off! They must be turning in the receipts to the gas companies, collecting them and then using or selling them for themselves! Why else would we not be getting them???

    I think I will look into reporting them somehow if they don't answer my emails!!!

    Warren Davis

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  • Da
      Jul 22, 2009

    I also have been scammed by claim your gas .I sent in 2 months of receipts june ..july and havent rec'd my $25.00 credit card.. a hugh scam... DAN R. IN LAS VEGAS

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  • Da
      Jul 22, 2009

    I won $450.00 in gas vouchers started in December of '08 collected 100+ dollars mailed them in to the add. received first gas card in Jan. of '09 did the same
    for Jan. 100+ dollars received my card for Feb. now I have been sending in at least 100 dollars before the 25th of every month and nothing since Feb. of '09


    P.S. THE CUSTOMER SERV. # [protected]
    BBZ attn.MANAGER
    827 W. GROVE AVE.
    MESA, AZ. 85210


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  • Fr
      Jul 24, 2009

    In March 2017 I received a $25 gift card for the January receipts. Like the other other accounts I have read, I do get the confirmation by email, but they are about 5 months behind in sending my second gift card. I've sent three emails with no response. The third one was less polite, and I told them I would notify the Better Business Bureau if I don't hear within 48 hours.

    Still hoping to collect the remaining $475 in Camarillo.

    Frances G.

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  • Ti
      Jul 25, 2009

    July 1, 2017

    BBZ Resource Management, Inc. announced today that it has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in order to preserve the value of its business for its creditors. BBZ also announced that immediately prior to its Chapter 11 filing, it entered into a new strategic relationship in order to preserve and maximize the value of its data mining business for the benefit of its creditors, business partners and other stakeholders.

    BBZ’s historical business involved both the sale of rebate certificates and the accumulation and use of consumer data. Recent events surrounding BBZ’s rebate certificate business necessitated BBZ’s Chapter 11 filing. Early in 2017, BBZ entered into a 15-year contract with Kidz Idz, Inc. to purchase $345 million of rebate certificates from BBZ. Kidz Idz’ performance under this contract was personally guaranteed by Michael Pouls, the owner of Kidz Idz. Relying upon that contract, BBZ entered into a long-term lease for a new fulfillment facility and hired new employees to deal with the exploding demand for the rebate certificates that BBZ sold. Rather than honor that contract, however, Kidz Idz and Mr. Pouls not only breached their obligations but also undertook what BBZ believes to be concerted campaign to co-opt the rebate certificate business and destroy BBZ. This effort culminated with the Pouls Parties filing a lawsuit on Thursday, June 25, 2017 falsely asserting that BBZ’s business is a fraudulent “Ponzi” scheme. Ironically, that same day BBZ was working with outside counsel to prepare its own lawsuit against the Pouls Parties asserting their breaches of contract and other wrongful conduct.

    The damage to BBZ’s rebate certificate business from the Pouls Parties’ conduct made it imperative that BBZ act to protect its consumer data mining business for the benefit of its creditors, business partners and other stakeholders. Accordingly, BBZ has entered into a contract with an industry leader to take that business forward in exchange for BBZ receiving a share of the business’s revenues. This new relationship will form the foundation of BBZ’s anticipated Chapter 11 plan of reorganization.

    In the meantime, BBZ has suspended sales, activations, and redemption of rebate certificates, as well as gift card distribution. Consumers awaiting gift cards or holding certificates are encouraged not to contact the businesses or brokers that sold or gave away the certificates, as suspension of this program is beyond their control. BBZ is committed to honoring its obligations and will be working diligently with its outside professionals in the Chapter 11 process to maximize the return to its creditors.

    Inquiries may be sent to BBZ’s new mailing address: PO Box 11000, Mesa AZ [protected].

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  • Mp
      Aug 02, 2009

    We experienced the same thing!!.Only from having a company change our windshields. And, as you can see "claim your gas" has filed chapter 11. We have all been taken and we have all wasted our time. The next time a company wants to sell us their product the only thing that will help pursuade me to use their company over another one will be the bottom line we pay at the time of service and not some 3rd party scam with a hope for a future discount!!

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  • Ro
      Aug 05, 2009 - It is a scam
    Van Nuys
    United States

    I bought a water purifier in Dec 2017 and the person who sold me the machine made it sound like I was getting a good deal because I was handed a $500.00 gas cert. I thought, ok I drive a lot so I can easily go through this. Little did I know that I was only allowed to redeem $25.00 each month in exchange to my submission of $100.00 ORIGINAL GAS RECEIPTS each month.

    As soon as I learned about it, I did not feel right. Something is going on. This is not the regular 'rebate' that you get from the stores. I dismissed the idea and did what I had to do. They acknowledge that they received my receipts and explained that it will take 8 to 10 weeks.

    I still submitted receipts the following months even though 10 weeks has passed and I have not received my first $25.00 gift check. I emailed and everyone who answered me had a different version from 'someone will look into it'; it will be mailed end of the month'; it might take 12 to 18 weeks'; etc.

    In my last two emails, I sent them a nasty one and accused them of being cheaters which they are. The person who emailed back, unlike some other customer service was not even apologetic. She was very defensive and she said that "you are experiencing a delay" Yes a delay of 5 months (20 weeks).

    Anyway, I do not know how they get their money, but I am no longer mailing them receipts. I do not know how it works on their end, but this is one company that USA does not need. I could not care less, if people lose their jobs there.

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  • Th
      Aug 23, 2009

    We thought it sounded "scammy" when we saw how involved it was to redeem the voucher. We did take a long car trip this month and have over $100 in gas receipts. We intended to submit them and noticed that they wanted $4.50 when we mailed them in so we went to their site to review the procedure figuring we would try to submit on line; no way were we sending them $4.50! This is what we discovered. Oh, well - live and learn. This time we didn't get burned. In fact the water filter company whose rep came to our house also gave us a voucher for a card which we received and used at a local restaurant and we didn't even purchase their system.
    Diane O.

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  • Jo
      Aug 31, 2009

    I bought some furniture at an Ashley Furniture store in Charleston, WV in September, 2017. As an incenentive to purchase the furniture, I was offered $500 in gasoline rebates ($25 per month for 20 months), if I would purchase a minimum of $100 per month in gasoline from my chosen oil company. I began receiving the $25 gift cards for the month of November, 2017. I also received the cards for December, '08, and January, 2017. Then the cards stopped coming. They now owe me for February - August, 2017. I found out that the gift card company had filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. What a RIPOFF. I have contacted my attorney to see whether the furniture company can be held liable, since it was they who offered the incentive. I will know the answer by tomorrow.

    James M.

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  • Mi
      Sep 21, 2009

    We have been sending receipts as requested since April '09. we even received a e-mail stating they processed our receipts and the credit card was [in the mail] ha! ha!
    What I would like to know is did these companies that say we'll give you a voucher for gas pay CLAIM YOUR GAS anything?
    I really don't care that we let CLAIM YOUR GAS file chapter 11. I think somebody ought to find these idiots and kick their butts.
    The laws may say that the company that offered me the incentive is not responsible. but I may not have purchased their product if they didn't offer the promotion.

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