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i was contacted about bieng misold ppi, payment protection insurance as i haave several loans with a well know company that has misold loans with ppi,

they took my details and told me a percentage ovver the phone, but when i recived the contract and read the small print
it was totaally diferent they claim to take 33% of any claim plus admin fees of 150 pounds,

but in the small print it clearly says 37% plus admin also in the contract it says other out of pocket fees may apply and charges if in outside solicitor is used therefore laying the door open to more money for themselves me thinks, !

i told them i wasnt signing any contract as i wasnt happy with the terms of the contract, as i was missinformed in the first place, call was taken well, then 5 mins later i recived another call from them with a young male voice, becoming somewhat angry thayt i had cancelled the claim, with phrases such as why are you getting all narky about the contract if you dont like it just put a line through it, , after i had told him i wasnt happy and didnt want to sign any paper work that they had sent me, lines or not, he became more aggeted and got more angry and rude, refering to my accent, southern in his own words . the fact his accent was from manchester had no bearing to me but it obviously was a problem for him ! a word of warning to all read the small print, dont be fooled by what they claim to do over the phone !!
oh and just for the record they have no complaints department,

! i rang back to complain guess who answered!!

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  • Mr
      Aug 27, 2009

    Similar situation to yourself, only I have had the £150 taken from my account having phoned and told them I DID NOT want to continue, i never filled any forms in and have numerous txts and calls saying they cannot proceed untill i send the completed forms, Help and advice appreciated Please!!!

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  • Da
      Aug 27, 2009

    Just had a call from this company.
    Glad of this site and others on the internet - I had plenty of time to surf for feedback on the company whilst the chap on the end of the line delivered his patter.
    Gave me ideas for a few questions to ask him, like "How much do you take from the money that you say they owe ME?", which the gentleman seemed ill-prepared for... indeed unable to answer at all convincingly.
    I eventually managed to persuade him that I wasn't parting with any money in advance, but he still managed to put in some preliminary hard-sell on the benefits of IVAs!

    Very similar to these guys who used to appear on the doorstep trying to get you to change your electricity/gas supplier - no actually financial "facts" you could keep to mull over. If they can't give me the important details in advance, then don't trust them.

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  • Gf
      Sep 05, 2009

    A Response from Claims Group Direct.

    As a manager at Claims Group Direct, I feel i must apologize for the way that any of our customers feel they may have been treated. We make no claims that this is a free service, we take 33% plus VAT (37.95%) from the final claim value, and you have to pay £150 upfront for the service, but you can delay the payment of the fees for up to 30 days, if you can not afford it. We have a 92% success rate in the cases that we undertake. Basically you are paying for a service, anyone who want to try and reclaim their PPI on their own is welcome to go away and do so. You have 14 day stat rights with the paper work in which you can cancel, you are not tied in in anyway. Also, if you give your card details to a sales person over the phone to pay for a legal service, and agree to money to be taken, and then complain when we take it, that's not our problem, we are SELLING a service that is very effective and successful, no one is forcing you into this. Also the "how much money do you take from the money that you say the owe ME?" Well, errr 33% + VAT we are always very clear with that. We get the money for you, money you would never see, and are average claim value back to our customers as it stands it over £1500.

    So if you are suspect or not interested that's fine, go away, and we will contine to help the thousands of people that do need our help, and are happy to PAY for the service.

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  • Jk
      Sep 05, 2009

    Hi people this company is a fraud they are only interested in you if you have a credit/debit card.

    I've given them my details there very insist about my card details, i gave them my credit card number which was maxed out so they couldnt take anything out even though they said no money would be taken out til they speak 2 their lawyers about the claim. I've not heard from themsince 4 weeks had 2 change my card details.

    dont be fool by them. xxx
    Caller: claimsgroupdirect

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  • Je
      Sep 15, 2009

    I agree, the first guy i spoke to said for paperwork to be sent we need an upfront admin charge and he asked me for my payment plan details so he could set it up... the second person was stumped when i told her this... the third arrogant guy said its your money so why dont you want it... eventually i read the contract and even though they say no win so fee, they will charge 37.95% for a win including an admin fee... So basically im lining there pockets with my money. The small print also says that they can charge regardless of win or lose, and they can also hand you over to other solicitors that may incur there own fees!!

    utter bollocks, its pointless and not worth the harrassment, leave well alone.

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  • Yf
      Sep 16, 2009

    Claims Group Direct:

    They do not have a 92 percent success rate - they tell you this but infact there is no percentage as they can not correctly track this and is based on a handful that have been cherry picked. If you ask any one who works there the succes rate, you will here different on every call. They take the 150.00 as profit and this is due to increase to 175.00 regardless if they win or lose or even pursue your claim. You will not get a penny back unless you clearly have no PPI at all on the initial loan/finance and even then you will be lucky as they use and external payment Company and all of your credit card details are on paper until they send a mass email over with every ones details 2/3 days before payments are due. Even if you have it and its only worth 300.00 they will take the 150.00 and 37.9 percent if by any chance they pursue, knowing well that you will be out of pocket and if your in arrears with your lender the monies due back will be swallowed up into the lenders pocket this leaving you oweing more money to claims group direct for there sister Company Baines and Ernst to pursue you for. Even the sales staff who work there are being actively ripped off month on month by the Company by not paying the staff comissions as they have no way of tracking who is doing what - this leaving it wide open for Managers to blatently fudge figures and give other Managers back handers which they even boast about. They dont even get their wage slips until there leaving the building at 9.00pm..! This Company is so unprofessional and if the FSA visited it would be closed down instantly! the Compnay will not be around for much longer and I will laugh when it falls apart as they have had so many vunerable people over and they dont give a toss.

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  • I0
      Sep 18, 2009

    Claims Group Direct are authorised and therefore licensed by the Ministry of Justice. Their registration number is CRM5672. They are obliged to have a complaints handling process and are obliged to provide you with details on request. As with all regulated firms you must compain to them first and when they have had the chance to screw it up and fob you off then you can complain to the regulator. If the MoJ is anything like the Financial Ombudsman then win or lose the complaint, the firm has to pay the Ombudsman's fees (for the FOS it's £300 I think). I will also enjoy complaining to esure who must have sold them my details (car insurance claim where I was not at fault and not even in the car at the time of the minor scrape - doesn't stop these muppets from wanting me to claim for distress etc - parasites). If you ask them to remove your details from their database and they 'forget' to do so then they are additionally in breach of the Data Protection Act and you can complain about that to the Infomation Commissioners Office!!

    Enjoy making their life a misery - I intend to!!

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  • Ik
      Oct 03, 2009

    Why do people moan so much? Every company charges for a service, its the same if you take ur car into a garage if its broken, someone with better expertise than you has to fix it, you cant fix it yourself so you pay someone else to fix it, you cant do it yourself! Claims companies r the same they have the legal staff to help get your money back that you would not otherwise get back quickly and efficiently. Banks fob their customers off and have done for years and you will not get a call from them saying here is your money back. Claims group direct get your money back simple but you have to pay like for any service and if you dont like it them dont sign up for it. Its up to you to get the facts before you sign up, ask away, dont moan now..this is why ppl get misold PPI in the first place, making quick decisions just to get a loan and not reading the small print so maybe people should ask the right questions and read the small print not moan because you havent done that.

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  • We
      Nov 03, 2009

    The great thing about the PPI thing is you can do it yourself for free, very quickly. Basically if your stupid enough to have taken PPI, you are prob also stupid enough to have given your bank details to a claims company!!!

    Wolves and's the way of the world I'm afraid, when there is thick vunerable desperate people around, some predators will always try and milk them dry.

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  • Kr
      Nov 05, 2009

    i have just bin stupid enough to give them my bank details.and they say there goin send out paperwork to sign, but after readin this im not sure wether this is legit iv rang and told my bank bout it so 2 not give them any money and i will cancel within the 14 days, many thanx to this site i just hope they dont get any money out my account

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  • Ja
      Nov 13, 2009

    i cant complain!!! after having numermous amounts of missed calls, they finally spoke to me regarding the ppi misselling, now my loan was fully paid off and if it was not for the call i would not have the foggiest about claiming it back. I was self employed when i took out the loan, so it was something i could never use, and to be honest i may have been nieve at the time, how ever you learn new things all the time. The call was brief and the bank details i gave was an account that i dont use, but ensured that once i have had correnspondace from Claims group direct the funds would be available. I had a southern lad called sam, who helped me answer questions i had. I recomend speaking to him. ([protected]) Anyways i have had several offers from my loan company and a letter of appology, i have rejected them as it is well below what i paid allready.I am 4 weeks in the claiming the money back, and have a estimated time scale of another 12 weeks, over all i am happy, and will keep u informed of the outcome.

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  • Gr
      Nov 13, 2009

    Sweet baby jesus, there is one born every minute.


    Basically you initially need to write to the creditor recorded; stating the reason(s) why you consider the PPI was mis sold, requesting the return of your premiums and any added interest. If you cannot resolve this matter within Eight weeks, you are then entitled to ask the FOS below, to look into your complaint and overturn the creditors decision, should the FOS decide to the contrary in your favour.

    Thats all they do, they don't have any legal people working with them, they use outside people, and send you the bill, it's in the contract.

    Basically what they are doing is ringing up people with heavy loan arrears, getting them into this with the promise of financial freedom, winning the money back for them, the claim is swallowed by the arrears, and then slapping them with a bill for 37.5% at the end plus the £150 quid which is gone straight away anyhow. The customer can't pay so they threaten then with a bankruptcy, or a nice little IVA as an alternative...and what else does this company do other than guessed it folks, IVA's.

    God... just tell them to ### themselves and hang up, save yourself £150.

    Oh and Self employed people can have PPI, thats just something they say to seduce bank details out of you, you big trusting fool...LOL

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  • Fu
      Nov 20, 2009

    I 200% agree with their rude behaviour. they have charged me as I have not sent the papper work back as I am not satisfied with their service. but how can i refund my money ???/

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  • Pa
      Nov 22, 2009

    Thankyou Claims group direct for my recent cheque for £15632.28. I had lots of loans over the years as I am a self employed builder and during the late 90's and early 2000's I was constsntly expanding but needed to borrow money to do it. I was convinced by my bank and a not very welcome finance company that I had to have ppi insurance on my loans because I was self employed. I was contacted by Claims group direct about 4 months ago, I was advised that as a self employed person it would be very difficult to claim on ppi if i needed to and the only way I could have would have been to liquidate my company. Work was slow over the last few years and I got into arrers with my loans but they were unsecured so I knew my property was safe but to my dismay my bank and also the not so welcome finance company took me to court and got the loans changed so that if I sold my house I would have the money I owed taken from my proceeds, I had also fell behind on my mortgage payments an the mortgage company had started repossesion proceedings . I was sceptical when I first spoke to CGD but I thought what the hell so I paid them £150 . I was only afew weeks from getting my house repossesed but now i'm fine, with the money CGD claimed for me I paid my mortgage arrears and paid of my loans and had a little left over so I put an advert for my building services in the local paper and it worked . I have a contract that will last a couple of months, so now thanks to claims group direct I have kept my house and my family will enjoy a nice Christmas, my children will get all the presents they asked for, ignore people that complain, they do it because they are ignorant individuals with a sad existence.



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  • Be
      Dec 18, 2009

    DO NOT EVER register any of your details with this company online, over the phone or text.
    They will HARASS you until you get to breaking point. I have reported two of their staff and the company as one to OFCOM who are dealing with my case. I have recived over 200 unsolicited calls from members of staff in this company in the last 2 months, but each time they ring they say they are from a different company, they will use baines and earnst as an example, i know bains and earnst are NOT this type of company and are a debt consolidation group, although its not hard to work out as it's the same number coming up on my phone every single time which i have saved in my phonedbook as ###.
    They are officed in Manchester and will soon be appearing in court for harassment and breaking the ofcom regulations.
    STAY AWAY at all costs, these people are the lowest of the low and i swear if i lived in the mainland i would be in their office right now and not one of them would be walking out of it unbruised. YES THATS A THREAT!

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  • Jo
      Dec 20, 2009

    I agree - I was stupid enough not to read the small print and am in the same position - out of pocket at the end of it. I believed what I was told on the phone and have learnt a valuable lesson from this. Anlother type of shark that preys on the poor.

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  • Ph
      Apr 05, 2010

    yes i to have had dealings with these people i feel scammed by this company not all wot it seems please do not deal with them as i did not read the small print they are just not worth it in the end they will get you by hook or crook CLAIMS GROUP DIRECT are a rip off

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  • Sw
      May 04, 2010

    I have had dealings with these cowboys. The usual I was told 33% no VAT was mentioned, once they sent the forms out they phoned me twice a day stressing how urgent it was that they were returned immediately, and once I sent them back they never contacted me again. I have had to do alot of chasing. I was told the claim would take about 4 weeks it actually took a year. They said I could claim for a PPI that turned out to be pre-registration so could not be claimed, even though I gave them the dates during the initial call so they obviously knew. My other loan company told them that I did not have a PPI so they stopped the claim without even contacting me, I only found this out when I contacted them, and so I had to fill in more forms as they had thrown them in the bin. Each time I phone no one seemed to know what they were talking about. Originally I was told I would receive £6800.00, I have actually last week received a cheque for £1300.00. I have not been able to contact anyone from the company and have been waiting for a return call for 5 days. Also when I did receive an offer there was no figure on the letter, when I phoned Claims Group they said they did not know what the offer was and if I did not sign to accept the offer the I would not get anything. They said it was irrelevant what the offer was as the Ombudsman comes to a figure and that is final. The 33% that they told me originally has actually turned out to be almost 50%. They are liars who offer an appalling service and I am going to complain to their regulator the Ministry of Justice. They can now fight me for the fee.

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  • Se
      Sep 09, 2010

    Claims group direct/ advisory pestered my daughter for weeks telling her that she would be entitled to a ppi refund. When they asked for £150 'up front' my daughter told them that she could not spare that amount at the time. CGD continued to phone her, and she eventually agreed for CGD to take £150 from her compensation claim. However...
    Months passed and a cheque arrived for £425.00. Two months later, a letter arrived from CGD demanding £170 (admin fee plus costs)
    We replied that they had agreed to take the costs out of the final amount, but they now dispute this agreement.
    Three letters from Lawson Hathaway (debt collectors) threaten us with legal action unless this 'debt' is paid asap. Speaking to L H on the phone, they tell me that CGD had not mentioned that as they had already deducted their fee from my daughter's claim, she did not owe them anything. Being harassed by companies such as these has made my daughter a nervous wreck, and she refuses to answer the phone now incase CGD or L H contact her again.

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  • Al
      Sep 08, 2011

    please stay well clear of claims group direct people its just one big con. 2 years ago i gave them £150 12mths later told them i would like my money back i was told to send bank statement to show i had i sent them 2 years on still waiting for my money. anyone who have gave them money u can get it sorted by ringing ministry of justice on [protected]

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  • As
      Oct 20, 2011

    I find it very upsetting that people are being treated this way by these companies and banks and people are not trying to get the ppi back themselves as from the legal process that took place for all banks to pay back everyones ppi makes it very easy as i had a loan with Blackhorse and just typed a letter up stating that i was missold my ppi and wanted the ppi+8% interest back as this is what everyone is legally entitled to.
    I recieved a letter within 8 weeks stating that (Our ppi selling process was sold in professional manner but however we cannot prove that you was not missold ppi so we are refunding the full amount of ppi +8% redress).
    The figure is of what the financial Ombudsman would have got me if i was refused by Blackhorse as everyone as got a 98% sucsess rate and the 8% is to cover you for the interest you will have been charged on top of the ppi and the total figure.
    So ask yourself will i or would i benefit from this cover if i came sick or redundant and look at the exclusions in the ppi policy documents as there is limited cover so be aware if you become ill or was ill when u took the ppi out as some illnesses are excluded ie Back problems is one of them with blackhorse.
    So just give it a try and just think they can only say no and you then lost price of a stamp.

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