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CJ Industries, Inc., HOUDAI / Fraud and scam!

1 United States

Like many of the complaints noted, I ordered a Trial of Houdai (sic?) which included a "free" bottle, with the order of one month supply of the stuff (2 bottles). I was immediately bombarded with 3 months supply within the first 30 days and my credit card was billed for this junk at the tune of about $65 for each months supply.

I like many upon seeing what these crooks were up to, canceled the Autopay, following their instructions to the letter. Again like so many others, they sent out another months supply AFTER I had canceled and later stated that the order was already on the way and could therefor not be canceled. The arrival date clearly indicated that was total BS.

It has now been well over 6 months since any contact from them. However, this PM, I received a letter from a Credit Management Service Co. claiming they had a collection account from CJ Industries Inc. in the amount of one months worth of their crap (the stuff did absolute NOTHING for me, and I got the impression from other complaints that that is not unusual.. it would be nice to have the money to have the crap analyzed in a lab to see if it fullfills their adds and warrants of content) plus aprox $6.50 in interest.

I advise everyone, as soon as you hear from these ###, write them a letter and tell them that you contest all their claims and that you are giving them legal notice that any further communications from CJ Industries, or their Collection Firm, shall come ONLY from an Attorney. Further, that any further collection efforts, including contact for any purpose with any and all credit bureau(s) in re., this matter as of the date of your Legal Notice will constitute a criminal act for which you will seek Federal and State prosecution.

In of off chance that they file a lawsuit in your city against you (as they must by law), you can have the matter transferred to your local Small Claims court. It is doubtful they would prevail if the facts of most of the complaints I have read are true.

No I am NOT a lawyer, and this is NOT legal advise, but I have kicked some mighty big as**s doing exactly as I described, myself.

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