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Citysearch advertising / charge that was not authorized

1 Hollywood Austin Texas, CA, United States
Contact information:

This charge that went through Bank of America overdrafted my account and caused me to have several overage fees. They will not call me back or answer any correspondence. My account is on hold with Bank of America.

Corespondence to Citysearch and Complaint Explaination:
Can you help me? Emory was going to work on my account and was going to call me back. I have called many times and left messages and he will not return my call. I need to know what he found out, I need a answer. I think this must be the way you run your business. No call backs and no answers to a customers questions!! Maybe the customer will get tired of calling and just let it go!! I am really frustrated at this time with your company. This is in regards to the following:

This is the account for Liz Sherman, Bombs Away, in Austin Texas. I cancelled my account on Dec. 17th. I called back to see why it was not cancelled or why I did not receive confirmation on the cancellation. I talked to Rafael and explained what happened and he look on my account and said that it had indeed been cancelled on Dec. 18, (my e-mail is dated the 17th)so in light of that date and since the billing goes out on the 17th he gave me a credit to my account for $192.30 which gave me a 0 balance. He did this because my cancellation date was only three days after the billing cycle started. Well, when I checked my bank at least two weeks ago, (I have been trying to get this straight for two weeks) the charge for Citysearch had gone to my bank, gone through and caused an overdraft on my account. I closed my business in December and am trying to close the business bank account and not expecting the Citysearch charge to go through I did not put any money in the account. When I saw the charge I called your office again [protected])and talked to Emory and he said he would check on the account and get back to me. Well that was about a week and a half ago and I cannot get him to answer or call me back. I have called several times and Emory was going to call me back each time. So far, no answer or no call from Emory. I would like an answer. I need this corrected because your payment came through my bank for the $192.30, when I was told it would not, and over drafted my account. I was specifically told that the $192.30 would be credited and give me a 0 balance by Rafael. I assumed it was taken care of after the call with Rafael. But I do not understand why I can’t get any help on this matter.
I can not believe that a business would not try to help their customers. Please let me know as this needs to be resolved at my bank.

Liz Sherman
Bombs Away


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