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Citymove / Worst service ever!

1 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Review updated:

See letter:
Dear Citymove,
This is an official complaint letter which serves to point out the need for your mangers to seriously improve your services to customers, given that our experience was totally NOT worry free nor worthy of any type of referral to potential customers.
In fact we have been 100% DIS-satisfied with the "quality" of service provided by Citymove.

Citymove was hired to move our belongings from Melbourne to Sydney and it has been the worst experience of moving I have ever had such that I would never use Citymove again.
Not only was your service untimely, unprofessional and unsatisfactory, it was not worthy of the money we paid nor the time we wasted dealing with your incompetent staff ( (in particular the person we were dealing with - Ben Kirby) and subcontractor Peter's removalists.

We expected the removalists on Monday 14th January. We were told only 2 days prior whether they could change the date. We said :no", and they said they would get back to us. Not hearing anything, we assumed it was still Monday. Monday morning the removalist called and said it would be the next day. The next day we rang and they said that they had never said Tuesday and that it would be Wednesday. Not only did they change their story but Citymove had the nerve to tell us that we as the customers got it wrong and that the removalists were right. Not only were we stressed and frustrated due to the pressure from the real estate agent telling us to move out..we were assured by the city move staff that they were on to it. After speaking to Ben, he told me he would call me back "15 minutes later" which ended up being over 1 hour and I had to actually call him back to see what was going on. This was very unprofessional to keep a customer in the dark about what was going on and stating he would call back but not doing so.
After having to physically move the furniture out of the apartment into the hallway ourselves, the removalists finally arrived late Wednesday afternoon. The whole experience was becoming a nightmare - We as customers doing the job of the removalists!...Do Citymove really have any idea of what your customers have to go through?

The problem didn't end there..Ben Kirby told us to email any concerns to him, and we are yet (over 2 weeks later) to receive a reply.
We waited for our delivery for up to 7 days after pick up after being told the expected time was 5-7 working days.
Not only did our things not arrive after 7 working days, or even 10 days, but the removalist had told us that it would be delivered on Monday 28th..which of course it wasn't and then when we called them on Tuesday 29th, Mark the manager of Peter's removalists told us that he had never told us this but that it would be Wednesday afternoon. Again, unprofessional behaviour towards customers basically saying that we were lying or didn't hear correctly. We spoke to Ben at Citymove and he said that he would call us back in 15 minutes but the same old story...we never heard back from Ben.
I called Wednesday after having not heard anything from the removalists, but again there was a change of plan and that it would be Friday 1st Feb.
Finally it arrived Friday - 11 painful (working) days and over 2 weeks later.
No one at both Citymove or Peter's removalists had bothered to contact us at any stage along the way to inform us of any changes and the fact that we had to take time off work without pay was extremely distressing.

This whole event has been a disgrace to Citymove for not being able to provide any service whatsoever nor coordinate with the subcontractors properly. There was absolutely no communication nor attempts to inform us about what was going on by Citymove.

I have seen so many complaint letters about your company on webite that i only wished i had seen them before i made the mistake of booking with Citymove.

We will be taking all necessary action to ensure that we advise as many people as possible including within the health profession (who are often moving frequently and may require removalist services) NOT to use Citymove. In addition we will pass on this complaint information to the media and Department of Consumer affairs whom I'm sure you have dealt with many times
(Name withheld)

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  • Pe
      12th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Another complaint about the Citymove Removals.
    If you plan for a removal service, you must first read this.

  • Ja
      8th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    exactly the same thing has happened to me i moved well over a month ago now and i have made many phone calls to which i get no response or get told they will get back to me no (promised) even that they would get back to me but it never happens not in 15 minutes not even an hour not even a day it has taken weeks before i get a response and that is only because i call every couple of hours everyday untill someone actually answers my call only to put me off once againthis is the most unproffesional company i have ever seen this is only one issue i have had the list goes on with damaged furniture, damaged walls and floors missing items abuse to neighbours and my family and the length of time it actually took to move everything i only hope that everyone reads this site befor they make the same mistake i did by employing citymove removalists

  • Pa
      9th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Even worse experience with Citymove! The worst company I have ever dealt with! A quick web search for "CityMove complaints" will show you many complaints and they even have $30, 000 court fines for writing fake positive reviews.
    In my experience - EVERYTHING went WRONG with CITYMOVE. They keep changing the time they will collect my items on the agree day - and in the end arrive at 10pm to start moving. But the van they sent was too small - they had stuffed the booking. So next day they come back with second van. This van roof leaks in the rain so some of my boxes got water inside.
    They said they refuse to take fridge-freezer and washing machine unless it is in bubble wrap - they wrap it 3 times and it costs me 20 metres at $5 / metre - but they use 9 metres. After I measure it in new house they refuse to refund me.

    When unpacking they drop two boxes and this goes everywhere across the road. (I took photos.) They break my bookcase and put scratches in the bed side but will not pay me for the damage.

    The second van was late and they can not tell me when the second van will arrive until morning it is deliveried. I start new job and I cannot take every day off to wait. When you call CityMove the managers are unavailable and the receptionists have no idea.

    Search the web and you find other terrible experience with CityMove.

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