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On June 7, I purchased two Godfather's Pizza $25.00 gift certificates to be shipped to my home. I received a ship confirmation email on June 8.
Last week, after deciding I had allowed enough time for the certificates to arrive by US Postal Service, I wrote to CityDeals asking if they knew of any issues as to why I had not received the certificates. They provided a tracking number that showed delivery to my zip code on June 9 at 12:33 PM. After asking to verify that the tracking number was indeed my package, they found the hard copy invoice they keep with the tracking number attached and emailed me the address associated to the order and tracking number. It was the correct address. Through this process, they also told me I needed to contact the USPS to work out any issues and they also cited their terms and conditions which they say I agreed to by making the purchase. Specifically, they cited:

"All items purchased from are pursuant to shipment contracts with third party carriers. The risk of loss and title for purchased items pass to you upon delivery by the carrier. will not be responsible for lost orders once the shipment has reached the address or pick-up location designated by you in your order."

Although it's likely this is a mistake by the USPS and while normally I would be OK with these types of terms and accept my loss and move on, CityDeals handling of my complaint and their processes in general are less than consumer friendly.

First, the Terms and Conditions are never mentioned during the purchase process. They are retrieved through a link at the bottom of every page, but never referenced anywhere else and they conveniently list in their first term that "By using this website, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please discontinue the use of this site." This type of passive agreement is just wrong. If they want you to agree to terms, particulary when they relate to purchases, they should require a positive response such as a check box indicating consent during the purchase process or at least direct the consumer to the terms that apply to their purchase.

Second, the fact that the USPS lists the item with the tracking number provided as delivered does not mean that "the shipment has reached the address or pick-up location designated by you in your order." My wife was home at the time the USPS shows the package was delivered and retrieved the mail from the mail box prior to running an errand at 1:30 pm. She got off work at 11:00 am, was home by 11:15 or so and then had lunch at home with her sister and mother before going to a store at about 1:30. There was no door bell or knock if the package was left on the porch and if it was delivered to the mail box, it was not with the other mail when my wife retrieved it within an hour of the 12:33 PM delivery time. So, I certainly cannot believe that the shipment reached my address. Even if it did, the fact that CityDeals won't lift a finger to assist in researching the issue with the USPS is distasteful. They certainly have more leverage with their carriers than I do and it would be the right thing to do to assist. If they had assisted and it ultimately was determined there was a good chance the postal service placed it on our porch and it was then stolen or blew away or whatever, I would have been fine accepting my loss and moving on, but I don't think others should have to deal with this kind of company when something goes wrong in shipping and I want to warn other consumers.

Third, I don't understand why CityDeals does not provide the tracking number in their shipment confirmation email. I assumed they had used a non-trackable method because they had not provided it up front and because of the size and type of packaging they would use to send certificates. Because of this, I allowed some time for the process to complete before writing to see if there was a problem. As it turns out, both the USPS and CityDeals thought the process was complete almost two weeks before I wrote to CityDeals. This makes it hard for me to deal with the USPS. Although they have been open to my inquiries so far, it's just too late. Even if I talk with the carrier, I think it's unlikely she will remember anything specific about the delivery like whether she left it on the porch or in the mailbox or maybe even delivered it to the wrong address.

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  • Pi
      27th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The company should offer you the option to purchase delivery insurance, so that if the item is lost, a lose claim can be pursued with USPS. When they offer this they can cite their terms and conditions, so you are aware that if you don't purchase insurance, you have no remedy. This is a big problem area for many buyers and sellers, the fact that USPS does lose or misdeliver mail, or mail that is delivered is stolen. Unfortunately there are very few sellers who are proactive enough to offer the insurance option, and most sellers cannot simply include insurance because it's expensive enough that in many cases it reduces their profit margin to nothing.

  • Lu
      20th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Citydeals is bizarrely NONconsumer friendly! They make mistakes regularly(like everyone) but do not provide any satisfaction to their customers. Of course, they can't know you received their mailing or not, as they receive no delivery confirmation from us postal on regular mailing. Their business model of mailing vs competitor web print certificate is the problem. They have always seemed "SLOW" to understand problems and reluctant to deal with them. I believe there's alot in inbreeding/poligamy in their part of UT that make's for this unusual mental processing.

  • Jv
      12th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    We have used CityDeals many times over the years. I've had it. I don't trust the company. So many times are the terms different than agreed. This last time we sold thousands of dollars of gift cards through them and redeemed them and we yet to see a check. I call, e-mail with no response. Don't trust this company. They are at best incompetent. At best they have no accountability.

  • Ad
      23rd of Jul, 2011
    +2 Votes

    from an x-employee, i can tell you by far this is the worst ever company I have worked for, they treat their employee's with significant disrespect, I have HEARD and is public knowledge that they have burned a lot of their vendors, so if you buy a certificate from them, I sure hope that they will honor it. Also if you really want to know about the stability of this company, run a Dun and Bradstreet background on them, on a scale of 0-4 with 4 being most likely to go out of business they ranked at a 4 on one profile and 3 on an other, If your thinking about working there i would seriously re-think it to give my advice. The CEO works for venture capital group, typically when this is the case his only desire is to make the business profitable enough to sell it, typically they don't care about the customer themselves, just the money from the customer.

    The site also crashes on average 3-5 times per month often for hours at a time... The politics are so strong you can cut the tension with a knife...

  • Jf
      25th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Don't do anything with them that will fall outside your credit card coverage. If your coupons are not delivered; file a protest with your card company. If they get enough of these protests; it will be clear as to who the culprit is. And don't think for 1 minute there isn't theft in the postal process. It is always kept quiet when they catch one of the scoundrels. They don't want to shake the general populations faith in the system. It is no different than baggage handlers at the airport. The envelope City Deals uses is very distinctive. Any mail handler with half a brain knows what is inside. That is a large temptation. The USPS will never refund your money. That would be an acknowledgment of culpibility. File a claim anyway. It will help them catch the thief as if they do it once. They will continue to do it.
    All that being said; I do not advocate for City Deals. Their practices are deceptive. And becoming more so as time moves on.I will not ever trust them again. I believe in the philosophy of "believe people the FIRST time they tell you who they are" They have told me, and I believe them.

  • Ra
      9th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I too am a vendor who is still owed money. And yes, there is no communication from them whatsoever. How do these guys sleep at night. Well, I'll be glad to meet them in court when I sue them for my money. We are reputable and honored every coupon sold, but to date, have only been paid for about 60% of them. I might have to contact the county attorney and see if theft of services charges might be in order here. Has anyone noticed lately how few vendors they have compared to the past. I'm quite sure there are other vendors in the same boat. See you in court boys!

  • Ra
      9th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Any vendor who has had a bad experience with this company, please contact me at I think there may be enough of us to file a class action lawsuit, and possibly criminal charges for theft of services.
    These guys have obviously screwed alot of us, as shown by these comments, and we need to get our money from them.

    If you are the public wanting to buy their vouchers, beware! They don't refund, and there is no guarantee that you will ever receive the coupon.

  • Bo
      25th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes - This company is unprofessional and unorganized and clearly has deep issues with operations
    United States

    I purchased several coupons from city deals prior to their closing their website, the items in question were supposed to be mailed to me but never were. I had complained several times to the customer service department and was told that they would be available to print in a short time. I checked the site daily for this to happen until one day the website was closed with a message that City Deals had closed their doors. No prior notice given, and no access to my account available. I called the number on the site, the number on my card statement and two other numbers listed for them all of which were disconnected. I emailed the address listed for help on the site and got a return email that it was a bad address. This left me no choice but to charge it back from my card. Several weeks later the site opened back up but by this time the certificate had expired making it unusable. City deals refused the charge back on my certificate and my bank revoked the credit. Their reason for the refusal was that they were now open for business again. When I called the number on the letter sent from City Deals to my Bank their customer service department was rude and uncooperative. They refused to recognize that their site closure had caused the lapse in expiration date and insisted that because the site was again up and running they were not responsible for the expired certificate. When I asked to speak to the supervisor I was told they were unavailable. I called back and spoke with a different rep and again was told no supervisor was available, when I asked to speak with the director of customer service I was told she too was unavailable. After threatening legal action I was told a part of my transaction could be refunded after I fill out a form and mail it in, there is no way to submit it electronically or via email. I was told it would be at least 14 business days until it would be processed. All of my interactions with them were handled the same way. They were rude and offered a general bad attitude and seemed not to care about doing what was right as long as they were able to keep the money. I have since found out that many of the vendors they sell certificates for are now refusing to work with them as well. This company is unprofessional and unorganized and clearly has deep issues with operations. Save your money and skip this site, use one of their competitors instead. The headache is not worth it.

  • He
      16th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes - Terrible Customer Service
    City Deals
    West Jordan
    United States

    I would highly recommend staying away from City Deals- SLC and all of their vendors/merchants. Their system is flawed and they do not appreciate their customers. I received a response call today from the Assistant General Manager trying to handle my request to honor a certificate I purchased with them, and she was incredibly rude to me. She accused me of being irresponsible and HUNG UP on me when I was trying to ask for resolution of the issue. This customer service was unprofessional and it surprises me that someone in such a high role of this company would treat their customer so poorly. This company has struggled a great deal in the past and now it is evident why. Please don’t get caught up in the same issue I did.

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