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City Vanlines / Poor service and rate hikes

1 Springfield, MA, United States

City Van lines is a big scam
Donot trust that sweet talking Anna or Kiara
They will sound like your friend but will sell you to other vendors and never answer back later.
Its a big rip off so please, please find someone local and not go for a telephone voice from new york or arizons.
The dispatcher they sold me to are rude, unprofessional and corrupt.
I have taken pictures and will upload them soon if you need a picture proof too.

Still want to go with City is my story for you;

City vanlines is a big scam with a nice, polite and friendly face/voice when you are booking with them but a harsh, unavailable and un-cooperative face when you need service. They booked for my move and charged me 25% of the original amount upfront. Then they sent me a few more contracts with increased moving costs in hte name of providing me with a safety cushion in case my stuff goes over the limit.
On the moving date i get a call from a different vendor telling me that City vanlines had sold my contract to them and they will be there on time. Five minutes before their arrival they called and told me that their truck is already full so they can't move my stuff. They told me to find another mover to get my stuff moved otherwise it may be upto a month before they will deliver my stuff. With my last day of lease I had no choice but to go with them.
So they arrived, two men and a rental truck from Ryder. They were extremely rude, unprofessional and un-cooperative. They were speakinf hebrew language all the time and will completely ignore whatever I was saying. They took 4 hours to load a small one bed room apartment where everything was already packed.
Very careless with handling and my brand new boxes were already tearing open by the time they were putting them in the truck. They kept stepping on my plasma TV Box while loading other stuff. Finally told me they don't have space so they will tie my furniture on the outside platform and put everything in the storage.
When I showed them the contract terms of city vanlines, they told me it doesn't count. The contract terms applicable are those of theirs and not city vanlines.
They charged me $ 75 for steps. They charged me another $ 75 for packing material when I had everything packed already. They asked me " We will take extra stuff for you if U take care of us...openely asking for a bribe" I still tipped them $20 each offered them drinks but it didn't change a thing. They dumped my stuff in a local storage and disappeared.
Now the city vanlines won't answer my calls and finally once I got hold of them, they said, they can't do anything and I have to contact the dispatcher myself and find out when will my stuff arrive.
Now I am sitting here buying everything new to use with no signs of them showing up.


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