City FurnitureBad furniture

We bought a leather couch & loveseat from City Furniture. We were told by Sherri Skinner, the salesperson that all stains would be covered with their in home warranty. We went for the extra $217.00. In November, we noticed stains coming out of the leather. Apparently this was a result of the tanning of the leather process in China. We called customer service and they sent over a technician to fixthe stain. The stain looked like drips of liquid coming out in the leather. The technician sprayed Windex on it and claimed he never saw a stain like it before. The technician advised us that only pet waste and human food stains are covered. Nothing else. What liars!

We complained to the saleswoman Ms. Skinner and it was referred to her manager. He asked me to send him photos of the stains. I did. He said the warranty would not cover these stains as it is apparent that we spilled battery acid or some other corrosive on the couch and loveseat.

This is insane. The best City Furniture could do was offer to send us leather material and we could reupholster the couch and loveseat at our own cost. We never spilled anything on this couch. Their customer sservice is a farce and this company is vthe epitome of a misleading and corrupt company.

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