City Financial ServicesOnline scam

I just received in the mail a letter addressed to me in regards to Our company is a secret shopping employment specializes in conducting research to assist corporations evaluate and improve the quality of customer service. It also says please note that I am required to complete a Probationary Training Task(PTT).

They sent an authentic looking check in the amount of $1, 680.00 in my name. Oddly enough there are 3 different addresses one address on the letter head 9750 Royal Lane Suite 1000 Dallas, Texas [protected]. Also an address of 2 Main Street Suite 30 Toronto, On M4E 2V4 and then on the check there is an address of Tech Group Industries at
4920 O'Hara Drive Evansville, In 47711.

the bank name on the check is Fifth Third Bank. I googled the address of 9750 Royal Lane and came back with this scam. I called the number And spoke to a woman with a very thick accent whom said her name was Mary Williams, And that I am supposed to deposit the check into my account and then wait a few days for it to go through and then call her back for further instructions.

the companies listed on the letter are Burger Kind? McDonalds, Radio Shack, Shell gas station. Also listed are a money gram transfer and money gram transfer Fee's. It is highly suggested that you do not deposit this check once they get your bank information it is over with, they will access your account and take all of your money. This is another scam!!!

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