SUBMIT A COMPLAINT, Richard Obousy Ceo / I feel this site is just crooked from the job posting to banking fraud

1 5925 Kirby Drive, Houston, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 713 893 3386

I joined a site registered to Richard Obousy CEO The site is a listing board for shipping carriers like myself. I went in and starting putting a load together by bidding on some jobs. I found that most of the jobs on Richard Obousy CEO would never respond to questions so I started posting a question on the job asking "if the job was still open or had it been shipped". After not getting any answers I started looking more into this site ran by Richard Obousy CEO called
I found a lot of the job posting seemed to have been copied off another site known as U Ship I am guessing to pad Richard Obousy CEO site into the appearance of looking busy to attract paying users. Right at this time from what I can tell there are maybe 6 real jobs out of the 700 plus job postings.

I was kicked off Richard Obousy CEO site after a complaint was filed that I was late for a pickup, problem is that the complaint was filed hours before the job was accepted by the shipper. I do not get any shipping information until the shipper agrees to the bid and picks a shipper, only then the shipper information is sent to the driver. This late pickup complaint was filed before that possessed happen leading me to belief that the administration of Richard Obousy CEO is crooked. I asked
Richard Obousy CEO support team one simple question that was never answered, "how did a complaint get filed before the job was accepted by the shipper?? ". Richard Obousy CEO support closed my account ducking the question and then blamed it all on my friend having an account on there site. I have no clue about the relationship to these problems but I guess Richard Obousy CEO feels it was an easy way out of the question since it seems he just got caught at posting fake jobs on his web site for the gain of money by imitating a busy web site.

I feel this site is just crooked from the job posting to the way it seems to over charge and continued charging people after the account is closed..

Sep 26, 2014

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