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Citizens Of India / Language

1 India

Damn, I think its a whining day for me. But I have a complain against every indian or indian origin in India who speaks in ENGLISH with fellow Indian. I was one of you guys. Even though, I been living abroad for a real long time, it pisses me off when I see an Indian talking to the other in English. Specially in India. I do understand we are diverse, and might not speak the same native lingo. But what about when we have same native lingo. Its extremely shameful that we communicate in English.

I have lived in 4 different countries in past 12 yrs. Traveled extensively. I realized that its only in India that people refrain from talking in Hindi or local language in stores, hotels, restaurants etc. Its shameful. I did a small experiment and I decided to only talk in hindi for past one month. Damn, it felt so good. I did realize that at some places people body lingo changed cause may be they thought i don't even know english. But again... who cares...

So my complain is for all of you who thinks talking in English is cool and refrain from talking in native lingo or hindi. We all should be proud of our lingo. I am writing this in english only cause, I don't have a hindi keyboard and moreover its really hard to type in hindi with english alphabets. Now... figure that out...

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