Citizen's Bank Clinton CT / adding a signature to a safe deposit box

Yesterday(Sat) I spent 1 3/4 hrs trying to get my cousin's name added to tho use my safe deposit box. The box is mine but was in my mother's name. She died in 2014
My cousin was first grilled for her appropriateness. Then I was told she couldn't sign for the box because my mother was dead and I needed a death certificate (I had come down from the Boston area) but I could close her account and open the safe deposit box in my name . I chose to do this. In the mean time the teller working with me was helping other customers as though I didn't matter.
Opening the account in my name was continuously denied,
and having lost the box with it's contents which I putin a paper bag, I was told I couldn't get a box because I didn't have a checking account with Citizens. I do have a CD and a Citizen's Security Inc. account but those didn't count.
I then opened a checking account. For many tries on the computer and phone this still didn't allow me to get the box (I'd been there 1 1/2 hrs now with a very agitated husband with Alzheimer's in the car) Finally it came through.
I went to put my things back in the box and a teller screamed that I couldn't go in the vault because someone was in the viewing room I asked the teller working with me to get me the box and I put my contents back in on the floor in the main part of the bank with other tellers and people rolling their eyes and giving me dirty looks
My mother was a long term client of the bank and I too have accounts. For something that should have taken 5 minutes I felt every obstacle possible was put in place to prevent it . The red tape is unfair. Someone should have had the authority to override the computer. The teller working with me was gracious. The other staff there nonverbally seemed to think I was a pain and not worthy of their time or consideration. I don't think this situation had to happen and I think the issues I brought up need to be addressed.

Jeanne Funk-Gedies

Nov 19, 2017

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