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My wife purchased a new Citizen's Eco Drive watch for me for Father's Day in mid-June 2011. It was purchased from an Ebay dealer who noted in the Ebay listing that the watch came with a 5-year warranty. The dealer has feedback in the thousands and lists page after page of Citizen watches.
Soon after delivery, the "seconds" hand on the watch came off and was free floating around. There was no abuse, mishandling, impacts of any kind. The hand simply came off. After a few more days, the seconds hand became trapped between the "hours" and "minute" hands and stopped working altogether.
The watch was shipped to the nearest repair facility in Torrance, CA. By email, I received an email stating that the repair would cost around $80, just slightly less than the cost of the watch.
After protesting by return email, I was contacted by a Citizen rep who offered to reduce the repair cost to around $39. She admitted that there was no abuse to the watch and that the watch was a legitimate watch with a Citizen serial number. But the rep said that Citizen does not provide any warranty any watches sold on Ebay because no sellers there are "authorized" Citizen dealers. I asked if Citizen knows the original retailer to whom the watch was sold and she replied that they keep no records of sale by serial number, so the original retailer could not be identified. I asked if Citizen was aware that hundreds if not thousands of their watches were being sold on Ebay and whether the company has notified Ebay to halt such sales as unauthorized and advise purchasers that no warranty would apply. She replied "no" but said there was no way they could prevent Ebay sales of their watches. I asked if they had taken any steps to identify the original buyers who are "reselling" their watches for reselling to the public. She did not know of any.
Bottom line is that a new Citizen watch was purchased that was defective and Citizen refuses to honor. I told the rep that I would file a small claim action against the company, write a "ripoff" report online, and basically warn the unwary that the company does not stand behind their product. What if you get a watch as a gift and don't know who the seller is? Who knows. My family has purchased 5 Citizen's watches before. No more!

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  • Ke
      Jul 29, 2011

    I can understand the frustration but at the same time, you should shut up. Buy an Invicta then see how much they care about their customers. I own three Citizen watches and never had a problem.

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  •   Aug 09, 2011

    NEVER BUY ANY JEWELRY OR WATCH WARRANTIES BECAUSE YOU'RE WASTING YOUR MONEY! If the jewelry or watch you're purchasing was of quality, there would be no need for any WARRANTY in the first place.

    I don't offer any WARRANTIES on my merchandise because I don't sell defective jewelry or watches, nor have I ever had any returns, because I inspect all of my merchandise carefully before I ship it out to my customers.

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  • Lo
      Feb 11, 2012

    I own two Citizen watches, one is great, and the other is a piece of crap. My first Citizen is a Titanium Eco-Drive. It runs great, keeps perfect time and I've had it for five years and it has never needed a repair or tune up. I would often say that I would rather have this watch then a Rolex.
    The second watch is a Gold dressy type watch, also an Eco-Drive. I had it for two years and it would never keep the correct time and the Eco Drive failed within a two year period. I took it to the service center in Torrance, CA and they fixed it by replacing the movement at no charge as it has a five year warranty - Thank God. This watch retails for $395.00 but isn't worth $39.95 as far as I'm concerned. It is once again not keeping the correct time and the Eco-Drive is not reliable to hold a charge or is intermittent on sometimes charging under an intensive light. On the other hand, the first Titanium Eco-Drive watch holds a charge in a dark drawer sometimes as long as a week.
    I am requesting Citizen to back up there product and to allow me a credit to purchase another Citizen Gold dress watch or refund my money in full as this model watch definitely has problems and somehow slipped through the quality control crack. I have a receipt from the Jewelry Store that it was purchased from as well. It is not reliable as a time piece and as I said, it could not hold a candle to my other Citizen Titanium which is a masterpiece.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Pr
      Jan 01, 2014

    I purchased an eco-drive with 3 years of gaurantee. The watch failed in 1 year, and now citizen is backing out to give the gaurantee.
    They are giving only the warranty, then why write Gaurantee.

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  • Ci
      Jan 07, 2014

    I purchased an Eco-Drive Diver's watch in 2008 for $315 (Retail $425) at Macy's. The watch worked fine for about a year. Then, one day as I was resetting for the time change, I pulled the crown out to find that the entire shaft of the crown and stem had come completey unattached from the inner workings of the watch. Upon inspection, it looked as if the tip of the stem was completely corroded. I found this odd because the watch was only submerged in saltwater one time, at less than 2 ft depth. This was not the performance I was looking for in a "diver's watch".
    The 5 yr warranty is worthless as it does not warranty any of the watches actual parts- read the booklet. Lesson learned - NEVER BUY A CITIZEN WATCH!! My $30 Timex Ironman has performed well as the replacement for the past 4 years!

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  • Ro
      Sep 08, 2015

    I bought a Citizen watch about eight or nine years ago and every other year when the battery goes bad I have to buy a new movement. That's $75.00 plus frieght. I sent it back to the factory with a note saying that I was unhappy with there product. They replace the movement for $75 plus freight with no comment.

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  • Jc
      Jan 05, 2016

    I had owned several Citizen watches over several decades that provided excellent service. One of those watches was the 2003 Americas Cup Sailhawk ECO Drive. My problem is with the Torrance Repair Facility. After eleven years of good service, I sent the 2003 Sailhawk in to them for repair after it had stopped running. I was told it was too worn and they replaced it with a new one, at a considerable price, with only a ninety day warranty. Within six months the watch was dead. It still looks brand new from the box with zero wear marks. I will not have it repaired by Citizen, and why follows.

    In 2011, I purchased a new Blue Angels Titanium AT ECO Drive at a price of $671. The watch indicator never showed more than half a full charge from purchase, but always showed the correct atomic radio time until December of 2015. This watch had never been worn but on occasion, and had only two wear marks on the case since purchase. One mark was an extremely small scratch on the outer rotating bezel - near the 12 mark on that bezel. The other mark was an extremely difficult to see artifact in the mineral glass face between the 12 and 1 hour dial markings.

    I sent this watch in for warranty repair. The Torrance facility said the power cell was good and they replaced the movement. When I received the watch back, curiously there was No scratch on the outer bezel, and there was No artifact in the 12 to 1 position on the mineral glass crystal. Instead, the white markings paint was noticeably worn off the outer bezel in several different areas. The crystal has numerous light scratches and several small artifacts in different positions from the one artifact MY watch crystal had. The case also had a small nick and a small ding on the side opposite the buttons - MY case had no such marks. The serial number on the removable case back had my serial number, yet it was obvious the outer case was NOT the one I had sent in.

    I called only to lodge a complaint, and was not allowed to do so. I was repeatedly told to send the watch back when I insisted I only wanted to lodge a complaint. I was treated very rudely by the woman answering my call and repeatedly told the same watch I had sent had been returned to me - because it had my serial number on the separate case back. Sorry, but I knew the exact condition of the watch I sent, as I had taken great pride in the watch and had always given it the best of care. The small scratch on the bezel, and small artifact in the crystal, were caused when I had bumped my wrist against a car door - while wearing the watch on a special occasion. That was the only time the watch had ever been bumped, and the two marks gave my watch case two hard to spot identifying marks that are missing on the case I now have - and this case shows much more noticeable wear.

    Something else to consider is the fact my Blue Angels Titanium watch is rated for 20 BAR water resistance. The water test slip returned with the watch is only for 10 BAR water resistance.

    This all adds up to very poor customer care at the Torrance facility. Why I was not allowed to register a complaint at Citizen Watch Company is appalling.

    I also own a fairly new Limited Edition AT ECO Citizen watch, and a cheaper Citizen ECO worn around the home and while working. Should the Limited Edition ever need warranty service, it also will NOT be going to the Torrance facility. It is very unlikely I would ever consider purchasing another Citizen watch - despite having been a loyal Citizen customer for many decades.

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  • An
      Jul 07, 2016

    This was a 2015 Christmas present to my son who is serving this country as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. I saw no obvious damage to watch but Citizen are refusing to honor their 5 year warranty.

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