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Citifiinancial / lack of service / verbal abuse

1 San Diego, CA, United States

I have a personal loan with citifinancial.
when I sign the process and paper work, the agent (whom has not call or appear in person when I called or show to the office) was nice, and gentle.
he offer me the money for the loan and the insurance in case of involuntary time off of work... he said, this will cover your loan paymants for up to 6 months and then when you get a new job let us know and every thing will be like nothing happened.
and I believe it... after close to 4 months I lost my job (lay off) for the situation in the whole coutry, and inmediatly called the citifinancial, to make sure that they knew I was not working, and that I need my insurance to take care of buisness, but instead, the guy that answered the phone ask me to show up to the office in order of filling paper work, and take paper work to my ex work place, and union and take it back in order to get my insurance to work... I did, he took the paper work he gave me, signed and all, he said he was going to faxed, make me wait while he walked to the fax...but he did not faxed at the time, ( i did not know at the time). he told me that he wrote a note in my file that I gave them the papers and tat the debit from my accoutn to pay the loan has to stop..but It didn't . they took the money for my familys food, from my bank with out notice.. send me over drawn, and no one called me to let me know that the insurance was not working or the reason...
I have to cancelled my bank account in order to survive my unemployment my husbands un employment with overdreawn fees and money that we did save form our last checks to eat.
I called to see what was going on, as i said the agent that made my paper work Is no where to be found, the others oh my God!!!
the guy that answered the phone again was the same that gave me the paper work and told me that I did not gave them the paper work..then after I told him all details he said that was more paperwork to be filled... when I asked why didn' t you told tell me before taking my money and doing all these, and he said we did not know...I was speachless ... you didn't know..then I asked him to give me back the money they took from my account and since all this mess was their mistake, how in the world they wont know what is supposed to be done... and just take money from people that have nothing to eat and with a young teen at home, I asked him to fix it or that i was going to look for lawyer and still he had the balls to tell me that my lawyer wouldn't do nothing...
after that another lady call me from the same place asking me to show up at the office to pay, I said I have ana insurance and I need first for these to be fixed, and she told me that I did not qualified for any insurance...
all these during 3 months I showed up at the office asking for the copy of the paper work that I did gave them (and they denied i did), and got capy of them, I told her look i gave you these paper work almost 3 months ago. she said yes but is not all.. and I told her then why noone told me, and she sayd i dont took my money from my family survival., and you dont know. and then she said that she can't do anything about it and that I have to start all over again, she hgave me the same paper work that at the very begining no more no less.
and when I asked questions about what now, and why are they doiung all these, how come my loan went from 5000$ to a 6000$ (1000 $ benefits and the insurance) and her answers were IDON"TKNOW with a scalating volume.
when I saw that this matter wasn't going anywhere, and leave she asked me again for the paper work with a vary demanding actitude.
she started calling me leavin messages 4 to 5 every 20 menutes or other days every hour
when I answered the phone and ask her if where they fix firts my problem ? and she started with her I dont know again and I hang up she let messages in my answering machine people heard those messages and are very upset I am so disapointed I thought that citi was a good place but their service is just a nightmare.
they keep calling dailybasis even calling my family as harassment for their own mistake.
they have not fixed these problem, the manager no where to be found and the customer service does not know anything...

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