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I wish I had checked on this company before I hired them. By the way they are now known as NU Kitchen Cabinets and Floors, same company, different name. I hired them on December 3, 2008 and they promised to have my kitchen done before Christmas. Well here it is January 6, 2009 and not only is my kitchen not done, but the grandite guys that came cracked my floor tile which was new, and chipped one of the drawers. They have yet to install the cabinet knobs, or fix the end cupboard which is lopsided now since the granite went in. They tell us they will be out and never show up. We call and are told tyheir people are running behind and will be there the next day. But still no one comes. We still owe 1300.00 on the kitchen and I have told them they will not get the balance until the job is complete. They tyold my husband the last time he talked to them that most people pay for everything upfront. But I doubt that because it is acturally against the law for a contractor to demand final payment before the job is completely finished. And at this point I would be a fool to give them the rest, as I don't believe my kitchen would ever gewt done. First telling us one price and then altering it. Charging us for the sink that they advertise is free with any complete kitchen cabinet purchase. Then when the 24" Pantry was too big and we had to go with the 18" npantry they did not want to credit us the difference in the cost. They finally did, but now are saying we owe more then we do. Luckily I have the salesman signature on the $100.00 reduction for the smaller cabinet. This has been such a nightmare! If anyone is considering a class action suit, please contact me, I have had it.


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      Sep 26, 2009

    I too have had a HORRIBLE experience with this company who as you said same address different name "Nu Kitchen". The job was finished after two months when it was contracted to be completed in two weeks. They refused to correct problems instead they demanded their money and harrassed me with phone calls, threats and letters from their lawyer because I chose to exercise my right to be satisfied before making the final payment!

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