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Citibank / credit card fraud-citibank

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Hi, I am Vimal Jain from Visakhapatnam, have been using Citibank credit card since the past 2 years, recently i had received ING VYSYA bank credit card, and bank has offered me Citibusiness instead of my JetCiti Gold card, both cards have a limit of Rs.1, 50, 000 & 75, 000 each. i want to bring to your notice that on 6/10/2007 at 16.22 hrs I received a call from Citibank (ph number [protected]) a person named Satish claiming he is from Citibank said there is an offer on my card for upgrading of card limit for today i.e on 06/10/2007. for which he wanted my address, date of birth and mothers maiden name were required for confirmation. After giving him the details, he said it would be done in 24-48 hours and i would be getting a message and call from bank on for the confirmation. I called the bank the next day i.e on 7/10/2007 to check on weather i was offered for any limit upgradation, bank said there was no such offer on my card. On suspection, I asked the bank person to block my card to avoid further misuse (it was not). Yesterday, i.e on 9/10/2007 I called the bank to check the status of my card but the bank person has refused to give any details saying details which i have given is not matched what was available with them. I did not understand what went wrong, on having argument with the person he said he would help me but will not disclose what and where the transaction have taken place, he has given me only amounts and dates. Later, the bank person said my card has a balance credit of Rs 236 remaining and the rest has been used up. I was shocked on hearing this, he informed me there have been a transaction with Air Deccan on 7/10/2007 and on 8/10/2007 there are several more transactions for mobile recharge for multiple amounts of Rs 1, 111/3, 300/1, 500/ and so on on both my cards. Thereafter, I instructed the person to send me the details, he replied that it will dispatch the same would be send via mail. on confirming my mail id, it was found that mail id was tampered . That’s when the bank said they would ship the hard copy to my address. On confirming the address, it was found changed, ditto with the mobile number. NOW THIS IS SERIOUS TROUBLE, the ING card was never used, how could transactions be done on it ? And if there are multiple transactions on a single day, what was the bank doing? Is it not the responsibility of the bank to check with the card holder? If any person calls for change of address, or any details is it not the responsibility of the bank to check and verify with the old number?

Now there is a suspicion, that the information was leaked and carried out from Citibank or an employee of the bank, otherwise how and who will have access to my card a person says he has card number he only required my date of birth and other details. On checking when the details were last updated, the bank person said the latest updates where on 7/10/2007. That’s the date from which my Telephone PIN, Internet PIN stopped working. coz earlier i have used the T-PIN and I-Pin to access my details.

Today i.e on 10/10/2007, I tried calling the bank’s Call Centre; they refused to answer my query as details available with them weren’t matching their records and they couldn’t reveal the data I requested. Instead, they said the conversation has been recorded. Then, I asked them to check the voice data on the date the details were altered. They began telling me that -" I need to cooperate but they will not cooperate, and i do not require to tell them what they are supposed to do " .

I was informed that Jet Citi business card has already been dispatched and should be reaching the updated address soon. I requested them to do something to stop it.

the shocking thing is if the banks says the address was changed on 7/10/2007, then how can they deliver new card on my old address which has a date of shipping on 9/10/2007, which was suspected to be deliver at wrong address.

I am certain this is a case of Identity Theft which has happened from bank, a bank employee is most likely involved.

I seek your help as the bank is not responding or cooperating in a proper way. Please advise me on what I must do now and if something can be done at your end.

Important details –

COMPLAINT logged with CITIBANK REF- REQUEST no.07106144/ 07106575/ 07106748

Card no: [protected] - Jetairways Citi Gold Card
[protected]- ING VYSYA BANK CARD.
[protected]-Jetairways Citibusiness Gold Card.
I have last send you mail on 10/10/2007 and since then I am following with your call centre but I am not getting any response, I want this to be solved at the earliest, else I will have to take some other action on Customer IDENTITY theft charges on your bank. As I know that your person is involved in this activity.

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  • Be
      24th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes
    Citibank - charging wrong accounts
    P.O Box 6500
    Sioux Falls
    United States
    Phone: Unknown

    In 2006, I changed one credit card for another. #3181 had a $14.90 credit. It finally did not show up anymore. #0015 was where everything was going. In November 2007, my statement started showing that I had two open accounts. I told them that it should have been closed. No further problems. On 2/21/08, I made a $25.00 donation which should have gone to 0015 to
    be paid. Instead City Bank reopened #3181, (which I didn't know about). Then on 3/21/08, they told me that I owed $65.50.
    That is when I found about what they had done. I asked them to transfer the $25.00 to 0015 and delete the charges. They would not do it. They said for good will they would subtract some of the charges. It then went to $50.00. I told them that I was not going to pay anything that I didn't owe because of their error. They would not respond. Finally I wrote a letter, and sent it certified
    on 4/15/08. It was signed for, and received on 4/18/08.To this date 4/24/08, they have ignored the letter, and instead has now said that I now owe $75.00. Other wise, T. Wingfield, VP Citicorp Credit Services, Inc USA will turn it over to collections. I am 75 years old, and have been with Citibank for perhaps 25 years, and I have A-1 credit rating. I don't think they should be able to get away with this outrage. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    Beverly Dargo
    P.S. the address is for Customer Service
    When I just printed this out, the code is 7547e I hope this is right.

  • Ro
      9th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    i was a citibank visa holder before but my card was alrady expired and they did not gave me a new one. However i am continously reciving a satement of mu account untill now, and as a matter of fact i had an excess payment of 4, 100 approximately it always appear on the statement .
    i want an advise can i still get a new credit card from you. please let me know.

  • Su
      17th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes
    Citibank - Wrong amount
    United Arab Emirates

    August 12, 2008

    Citibank Card Centre
    P.O.Box 3131

    Dear Sirs.

    SUB : CREDIT CARD NO.5459 8740 0368 9026 – EMIRATES MASTER CARD
    4920 8700 1195 4018 – VISA CARD

    I, SEENI MATHAR U.ALIYAR, working as ASST.GENERAL MANAGER – FINANCE IN ETA GROUP OF COMPANIES for the past 27 years, and holder of above credit cards would like to put forth my tale story as follows :-

    I was on Vacation in India and “I received a call from my Banker (Commercial bank of Dubai) to my Roaming mobile number stating that I have issued a cheque for Dhs.149, 831.95 for which I am not having sufficient funds and we are returning the cheque”.

    On hearing this, I was really surprised & shocked that I have not issued any cheque for an amount of Dhs.149, 831.95. In the meanwhile while I was in India, I tried to use my MasterCard on various shopping places, but it always got rejected, which put me in an embarrassing situation in front of my people.

    When I returned from my vacation, I have noticed from my statement that the cheque amount deposited by your Bank was Dhs.149, 831.95 whereas I have made cheque payment for Dhs.14931.95 only. This has resulted in my cheque being returned for insufficient funds. Further, the same cheque was again presented by your Bank on 30/07/08 for the correct amount of Dhs.14931.95, which has got cleared.

    I would like to emphasize that the above transaction ( not only a total loss of Dhs.150/- for cheque return + Dhs.99/- Bank charges as interest for return cheque + your current statement shows Over limit charges of Dhs.115/- + Late fee charges of Dhs.115/- + Finance charge of Dhs.743.68 & totaling Dhs.1222.80) has clearly put my credibility into mishap with my Bank.

    I strongly condemn the ridiculous act of your staff for the above error, I appreciate a suitable compensation be paid to amend the damage entrusted upon me, apart from reversing the above charges, or else I may have to file deferment case against CITI BANK.

    Best Regards
    MOB: NO.050-4542062
    C/O. CARS
    P.O.BOX 5239

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