Citi Residential Lending / why did they sell my mortage to a collecitons agency??

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It started with the first crooks Ameriquest, when the big lawsuit came against them i tried to join it and they said i could not, even though they lied about interest ratd i would get 4.99 turned out to be 5.99 the amount of the money i reciebed for the loan was several thousand dollars less than what i recieved but i still was not involved, or included in the lawsiut????
next they sell my mortage to citi residential lending who turns around and sell's it to ahmsi???? a collection agency?????? WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT????

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  • Fo
      Jun 10, 2009
    Citi Residential Lending - Foreclosure Process
    Citi Residential Lending
    United States

    My husband and I had medical issuses along with our interest rate going up to
    10 % (ARM) in 2017, which caused foreclosure on our house. We signed a Forbearance Plan Agreement with Citi Residential Lending in Dec. 2017. We made 2 payments in Dec. 2017 to reinstate our mortgage. In Jan. 2017 one payment was mailed back to us and proceed with foreclosure. In the beginning of Feb. 2017 our mortgage was sold to AHMSI. I have documentation of my bank statements and our Forbearance agreement. Now to reinstate our mortgage is over 12 thousand. Is this legal? Now Citi Residential Lending will not give me any copies of my records or will they discuss this situation.

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  • Ci
      Aug 20, 2009
    Citi Residential Lending - Fraudulant Records
    Citi Residential Lending
    10801 E 6th street
    Santa Anna
    United States
    Phone: 18004305262

    I am compaining because this loan company was purchased by another company and Citi Residential Lending failed to forward my records to the new company. Which has caused a grand fore closing for me.

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  • Nc
      Sep 22, 2009

    Mortgages get sold off all the time to other companies. If you didn't have an attorney look at the terms and conditions of the loan, then you got what you deserved. Learn a lesson, pay the 300 bucks to have an attorney review the document. Now shut your mouth, accept it and learn a lesson.


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