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To whom it may concern;

First off, I am a student @ rio salado community college, This all started the first week of march, 2012, approximately the 5th -6th, I have it documented. I was waiting for my prepaid citibank visa card which comes to us in the mail, which came on the 6th - 7th, then you are to registar it and pick how you want your refunds, of course I picked eletronic proceedures (like almost everyone else), and citibank already knew this because I was having a problem registaring my visa card, however I wasn't the one having the problem it was citibank they had an error on there web page, you couldn't registar or do anything else. I called citi's customer service reps and brought it to there attention, they double checked and realized I was correct and put in the proper paper work to get it corrected. The next few days I was calling like crazy trying to get my card registared, like I was requested to do by citi's customer service reps and supervisors, keep in mind citi already knew I wanted ELETRONIC PROCEEDURES, and I was talking to there customer service reps and supervisors every day, sometimes 2 -3 times a day. Needless to say late friday afternoon I finally got my visa card registared, so then I went to my account and my $600.00 was gone. I started calling the supervisors and they told me there office cut me a check and sent it to my address, which they told me it would take another 7 to 10 days. Also please keep in mind my classes started march 5th 2012, and now its march 9th, 2012. I told the supervisors I NEVER requested nor do I want a check. I told them I don't have a checking account therefore wherever I try to cash this they are going to charge me, these funds are to buy books for my classes and other items. The supervisors for citi told me they couldn't doing anything because they didn't have the info on the check, I stated can't you just STOP payment on the check and put my funds back on my visa card, they told me NO! This is friday and they told me the funds are already off my account, THEY LIED, the checked never left citi until sometime saturday because the check wasn't dated till march10, 2012, how do you like that for a kick ? So I had to wait the weekend out on tuesday march 13th, 2012 the check came . Now over the weekend I either lost or misplaced my wallet, now I have NO id. I called the supervisors again to see if they would help me in this matter, since it was there fault all along! So to bring you up to date there (citi) check is right next to me, couldn't get it cashed, $600.00 I desparately need, the check number is [protected], and dated 03/10/2012. Again all I want done is to stop payment on this check and have my funds put back on my visa card account. needless to say Im at the point where I'm being forced to drop my classes if that happens somebody is gonna pay, they all treated me like it was my fault, in reality it was there errors, and not cooperatingto get us to where we are today. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could assist and help me in this matter of mine. Thank you.

cc/file Respectfully,
cc/Attorney of record
Robert Bunke
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      21st of Apr, 2012


    From: Robert Bunke

    Strangest thing it took me over 30 to 45 days to get someones attention at citibank. yesterday, friday, 04-20-2012, a gentleman name Zie(spelling??) and I didn't get his title and he does work for citibank, I can only assume he is up that ladder with corp. after 30 -45 days it only took this man 15 mins., to correct the problem. again I want to publicly say thank you for steping up to the plate and doing the right thing. I truly appreciate what you did. thank you once again Zie.

    cc/file Respectfully,

    Robert Bunke
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